The Aeron CZ stock for FX Dreamline – finally all the parts I wanted to show you had arrived in Germany. Adam Benke from was so kind to provide the stock to me for this review.

The application range of the Aeron CZ stock

The fully adjustable stock is, of course, aimed mainly at Field Target shooters. They benefit the most from the adjustable butt plate, adjustable cheek piece, and the ability to use a fore-end rest.

This adds yet another option to FX Dreamline which is already extremely flexible in terms of configuration. You can quickly convert your recreational rifle that you shoot during the week into a Field Target air rifle with a few simple steps. Then you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort when shooting Field Target and can adjust the stock to your body.

My conclusion

At 530 euros, it’s not cheap, of course. However, buying a completely new air rifle for Field Target is by far more expensive. If at some point you lose interest in the sport, it’s easy to convert the rifle back to a recreational air rifle.

Material and workmanship leave nothing to be desired.

I think I now know why FX Airguns scrapped their own Field Target stock that was originally announced. With Aeron CZ’s solution, you will be truly delighted.

Do you like Field Target?

How do you like the Aeron CZ stock?

Thank you for reading and have fun with my video:


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Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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3 thoughts on “Aeron CZ Field Target stock for FX Dreamline”

  1. Good day
    are these stocks available in Cape Town South Africaand what would the cost be, I really like this stock for FX dreamline and crown mk11

  2. Hi their,
    So im really in to minds at the min i have a HFT500 and i shoot HFT. Im looking at the FX Dreamline but i really cant decide between the Fieldtarget stock and the GRS stock could you please advise me .

    Many thanks

    J Whitney

    1. Hey Jay,
      for me the GRS Stock would be the choice!
      It really looks great and i think the quality of engineering is better.
      Is your HFT500 regulated? I am thinking about getting one!

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