In the category Blog you will find all my posts in chronological order. This is the perfect category for everyone who already knows most of my posts and who visits my site every week, since you can see which posts have recently gone online. There are now many categories with tests and reviews, so it might be hard for you to keep track of everything. Therefore, you should simply work your way backwards through the blog.

Diana Oktoberfest Luftgewehr auf der IWA 2018

IWA 2018 – Diana Oktoberfestgewehr

When I came to Diana’s booth, I could immediately tell which air rifle was the focus for 2018. A young pretty lady was handing out gingerbread hearts and you could admire a shooting gallery there like at the fair. The Oktoberfestgewehr is based on the concept of Diana 30. Of course, it’s priced much lower. It is supposed to be affordable for everyone. I’m getting my first impression of the bolt action air rifle here.

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Air rifle Blaser AR8 made by Diana – My review

Can Blaser AR8 be just as convincing as its role model, the hunting rifle Blaser R8? I tested it for you.

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Air gun benchrest 25m – The first training outside

A unique shooting discipline In an earlier blog post and video I already told you about my first benchrest attempts. However, these only took place indoors and at a maximum distance of 12.5 meters. I’m …

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AirGhandi mit Anschütz 9015 ONE Luftgewehr und Hawke Sidewinder 10-50x60 Zielfernrohr

Anschütz 9015 ONE air rifle – My test and review

Anschütz 9015 ONE is a compressed air rifle that uses a 200-bar compressed air cylinder. It’s available with 7.5 joules and 15 joules. The materials used are insensitive to temperature. The consistency of the rifle is outstanding. In my chrony test, which you can see in the video, the deviation between the slowest and fastest shot at 10 shots was 5.9 fps (1.8 m/s). Another special features of Anschütz 9015 ONE is its usability for the whole family and all disciplines. The rifle is designed in a modular way so that any discipline can be shot by using different stock attachments.

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Diana 460 Magnum Luftgewehr

Diana 460 Magnum – My review

One of the top models of Diana spring-piston air rifles is Diana 460 Magnum. It’s available with up to 26 joules. In Germany, however, air rifles over 7.5 joules may only be owned with a valid gun permit.

With its pistol grip, Diana 460 fits comfortably in the hand. A checkering in the fore-end area as well as on the grip complete the excellent feel. A ventilated butt plate is attached to the stock to reduce the recoil at the shoulder.

The air rifle has the Diana T06 trigger. Its trigger pull, pre-travel, and trigger weight is adjustable. I personally find the T06 trigger to be the best in the recreational air rifle range.

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