Here I’ve put all the accessories for air pistols and air rifles that didn’t fit in other categories. Besides scopecam adapters that allow filming and photographing through the scope, I also show you my high-quality shooting table. I’ll show you a mount that absorbs the recoil of your air rifle and doesn’t pass it on to the scope. You should have a look at this category from time to time, there are some products that help us and make a lot of fun.

ZAN Slugs in Germany

ZAN Slugs in Germany!

Once again I present you a new highlight on the German market!

The air rifle fans among you who also watch international YouTube channels have surely heard about ZAN Slugs. It is a Slovenian manufacturer that has gained a lot of international attention in the last year. I have been in contact with Zan Sude, the owner of ZAN Slugs, almost exactly a year ago. We talked a bit back then and he sent me a couple of sample packs of his slugs.

I tested these in various rifles throughout the year, and was absolutely taken with the quality and consistency, as well as the build quality.

Now, one year later, we have talked again and decided together that we will offer ZAN Slugs on the German market.

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DonnyFL silencers – The comparison

I had used DonnyFL silencers on my guns in many reviews and videos. It was finally time to present the complete range in more detail and compare them with each other.

Do the silencers muffle the shot as expected? Which DonnyFL silencer is the right one for your gun and how exactly do the models differ?

I got to the bottom of all these questions with today’s video.

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Tuning for your Weihrauch air rifle

Today I have once again an exciting topic for you. This time it’s all about legal tuning!

Weihrauch air rifles are factory equipped with the match trigger Rekord. In my personal opinion, it’s one of the best triggers in the recreational air rifle range. This is one of the reasons why such excellent shooting results can be achieved with Weihrauch air rifles.

However, if you’ve shot a lot with your rifle, you get to the point where you ask yourself: What can I improve on my Weihrauch HW? How can I upgrade my Weihrauch air rifle to achieve even better results?

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Bada Bang Target – My review

A nice change for at home! Anyone who wants to spice up their shooting range and is looking for an exciting target can consider buying Bada Bang Target. Especially shooters who shoot with an air gun as well as an airsoft gun will benefit from the target. Because there are not too many targets that can be used by both. It is very sturdily built, and I had no problems with the target or the software during my tests.

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Aeron CZ Field Target stock for FX Dreamline

The fully adjustable stock is, of course, aimed mainly at Field Target shooters. They benefit the most from the adjustable butt plate, adjustable cheek piece, and the ability to use a fore-end rest. This adds yet another option to FX Dreamline which is already extremely flexible in terms of configuration. You can quickly convert your recreational rifle that you shoot during the week into a Field Target air rifle with a few simple steps.

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