In this category you will learn more about different manufacturers of pellets, air rifles or air pistols. For example, I show you the work of a pistol grip manufacturer. In the future, there will be more articles about factory visits. An interesting category for shooters who want to take a look behind the scenes.

Diana LP8 im Rink Anschlagsschaft liegend

Rink Formgriffe – Shoulder stocks for pistol carbines

At the end of May 2020, I was back in Ehringshausen to have a look at the new Rink Formgriffe shoulder stocks. Thomas Rink showed me the production, and I wanted to see the advantages …

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AirArms ProSport Minelli Schaft komplett

Minelli – Introducing a stock manufacturer

In product descriptions and data sheets of air rifles it often says something about a Minelli stock. But the name is not only known to air rifle shooters. Who exactly is this company and what …

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