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Here you will find a comprehensive overview of all air rifles and air pistols that I have tested for you so far. I’ve rated them based on precision, material, workmanship as well as handling. You can see how much the air guns and air pistols cost and find a list of advantages and disadvantages. In the course of time, this overview will of course continue to grow. I’ve sorted the air rifles and air pistols alphabetically. Just scroll down to your favorite brand and see if you can find the model you are looking for.

Diana 34 EMS Legion – Testing the Limited Edition

The rifle is really impressive. When I took it out of the box and put it in a shooting position, I noticed something right away. Wow, it feels great! Somehow it feels different than the Diana 34 EMS I had in my hand a few days ago. Good thing I have not yet returned the model with the wooden stock.

I put the rifles side by side. Indeed, 34 EMS Legion is wider at the fore-end. So that was the reason for the new haptic feeling. It’s perfect for my quite large hands (glove size 10)!

It has a thumbhole stock which is now available in this particular olive color. I really like this color. It makes it look like a hunting rifle.

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Weihrauch HW95 Luxus – My test and review

I have to admit, I had a really tough time at first. HW95 is a sister model to HW98, and it shoots similarly. Anyone who has seen my review and my video has certainly also seen my rather poor shooting test. However, it has been proven to me several times that this is my fault, as Weihrauch HW98 is, even for competitions, an outstandingly accurate rifle.

So, I had to acquire a shooting technique that was absolutely new to me. That’s why I bought a pad that slides better and just held the rifle by the grip. I didn’t put the forend on my left hand, I put it on my old Caldwell Cadcu. Then I had to make sure that I put the rifle only lightly against my shoulder for every shot.

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Weihrauch HW57 – My test and review

Weihrauch HW57 is a rifle that has been on the market for many years. So, it was time for me to take a closer look at Weihrauch’s smallest underlever cocking rifle. My first thought when I took the air rifle out of the box was: “Wow, it’s really compact and handy”. The relatively short overall length and light weight make Weihrauch HW57 incredibly easy to operate.

I have loved the little rifle from the first second! Very often my test air rifles are similar and differ only in minor details. However, in my opinion, Weihrauch’s HW57 is completely different from most of the rifles I’ve tested. The overall concept is simply right. The performance fits the weight perfectly, the recoil is moderate and HW57 is easy to use by the whole family thanks to these features.

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Airmax SR1250 air rifle – My test and review

When you hold the Airmax SR1250, you immediately notice that the barrel is very long when the silencer is attached. I have long arms, so it works for me. However, if you’re physically built a little smaller, you won’t be able to reach for the silencer when you’re cocking, you’ll have to go for the barrel instead. However, the actual cocking process then is easy to do. It can be done with virtually no effort.

Once the pellet has been loaded into the barrel, the only thing left to do is to deactivate the automatic safety. It can be comfortably reached by both left- and right-handed users with the thumb. All you have to do is press it down.

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Edgun Leshiy 2 – My test and review

In the course of the last years, I always had one or the other highlight for you. But what I present to you today simply beats everything. Start thinking about how you’re going to explain to your wives why you need to drain your bank account after this review and video.

Leshiy is an extremely compact and incredibly high quality air rifle. You can tell that the designers have put an extreme amount of thought into the rifle, down to the smallest detail. The stock can be folded. If you pull the small lever on the left side, you can even remove the buttstock completely for transportation and maintenance reasons. This is of course a unique and outstanding feature.

You can see that I can’t stop raving about it. I’m absolutely thrilled about my little Leshiy. It’s just incredibly fun to put the rifle in a little bag, go to the range and really enjoy shooting. The precision, the workmanship, the handling… everything is just perfect!

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