How do you adjust a riflescope? How do you clean a barrel? What is Field Target? In my tutorials category, I try to answer all these questions. Here you will find articles and videos about tuning air rifles and air pistols. I’m not much of a handyman. So, the tuning videos could be made better, but I’ll leave that up to you. This category will also have many more articles and videos to follow.

Caliber 0.177″ vs. 0.22″ – Which is better at 7.5 joules?

Caliber 0.177” or 0.22” (4.5 mm or 5.5 mm)? Which one should I use with a compressed air gun? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each caliber? In today’s post, I’m taking on this frequently discussed and requested topic. I hope to be able to help you a little with my explanations.

Of course, a key point for any shooter is the availability of pellets on the market. Every barrel is different. So, each barrel has its own favorite type of pellets or even its favorite batch. That is why a wide selection on the market is extremely important to find the best pellet for yourself and your rifle.

Of course, every shooter should shoot with the setup they enjoy the most! My intention wasn’t to be prescriptive or to badmouth anything. I just wanted to gather all the facts and summarize them for you.

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FX Dreamline Tactical Lite Classic Umbau

Conversion of FX Dreamline to different models

Today I show you how to convert the FX Dreamline. I ordered several stocks and want to show you how easy it is to convert from an FX Dreamline Lite to a Dreamline Tactical and …

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Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting mit Aztec Optics Zielfernrohr

Mounting a rifle scope and sighting it in! But how?

In recent years I’ve been asked many times how to mount a rifle scope. I’ve always tried to explain by e-mail how to do it to get a good result. I knew for a long time that this topic is suitable for a video. But especially when it comes to tutorials, it is important that they are understandable and 100% correct in the end.

Check out the video where I explain every step of mounting and sighting in a rifle scope.

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Pressluftpumpe First Strike Gehmann Pressluftflasche Adapter AirGhandi

How to fill a PCP air rifle?

You want to fill your PCP air rifle? But what is the cheapest, most flexible or fastest way to do that? Those questions have reached me countless times in the last five years. Finally, I …

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Weihrauch HW40 Beeman P17 Ansicht vorne

Weihrauch HW40 versus Beeman P17 – My comparison

A few months ago, I showed you the Weihrauch HW40. A high-quality but nevertheless quite inexpensive air pistol, which provides a good introduction to air pistol shooting. Now, a few months later, I have become …

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