Diana Oktoberfest Luftgewehr mit Rundkugeln Schutzbrille auf Caldwell Cadcu Unterlage

In March 2018, Diana Oktoberfestgewehr was announced at IWA 2018. The air rifle has created a great demand in the community. For a year, the air rifle was almost impossible to get due to the incredibly high demand.

There are, after all, a large number of plinkers and shooting gallery fans among us shooters. But where can we rank the air rifle? How does Diana Oktoberfestgewehr perform compared to the old air rifles such as Anschütz 275?

I will try to answer all your questions in this review. Once you have read it, you should be able to make your decision as to whether the rifle is right for you.

Specifications of Diana Oktoberfestgewehr

Below the 21.5″ (54.5 cm) barrel is the chamber for the BBs. According to the manufacturer, you can load up to 120 BBs in caliber .173 (4.4 mm) at once. The original Diana Oktoberfest BBs or the H&N copper-plated BBs are particularly recommended. Please do not experiment with other types of BBs. This can lead to blockages of the barrel.

The synthetic rear sight is mounted on the barrel end. The trigger is synthetic and not adjustable. I think it’s fitting for a shooting gallery rifle. It neither stands out positively nor negatively and is easy to use.

Thanks to the rubberized buttplate, the Diana air rifle fits nicely on the shoulder. The rifle has no recoil.

The stock is made of dark stained wood. It is suitable for both left- and right-handed shooters.

How to load the rifle

The BBs are filled into the chamber by means of a small funnel. Alternatively, you can form a funnel with your hands. After loading, the small rubber cap is pressed back onto the chamber. Then you can cock the rifle. When doing so, it’s important that the barrel always points upwards. Otherwise, no BB will roll into the system, and you will produce a blank shot. This should be avoided with spring-piston air rifles.

The manual safety can be activated or deactivated. You don’t need to activate the safety between each shot. Cocking the rifle doesn’t require much strength. It can be done by young or weaker shooters.

Precision and performance

In my chrono test, the measurement showed 1.9 ft lbs. (2.6 to 2.7 joules). For an air rifle designed for shooting ranges from 9 to 13 ft (2.8 to 4 m), this is perfectly sufficient. In my shooting test, which you can see in my video below, I shot the rifle at 36 ft (11 meters) as well. That doesn’t make any sense, though. The precision suffers a lot at longer distances. This isn’t only caused by the rifle, but mainly due to the use of BBs. They are nowhere near as precise as diabolo pellets.

Quality and durability

There is a lot of discussion and talk about the air rifle on the forums, under my YouTube video, and in the community in general. Before buying, you should be aware of what you get for about 180 Euros. You’ll get an air rifle with more than 100-round capacity, bolt action, designed for distances from 9 to 13 ft (2.8 to 4m). If you think that you can use the Oktoberfest rifle to replace other multi-shot air rifles that are suitable for long distances, you are wrong. Also, the rifle does not come close to the quality of Diana 30, Anschütz 275 or Haenel bolt action rifles. These were also comparatively more expensive than the Oktoberfest rifle.

If you are aware of this, you get an excellent, absolutely fun rifle for little money that makes it hard to put back down.

Quickly the 100 shots are fired, and the shooting range is reduced to rubble.

I had a lot of fun during my test and in the weeks that followed. If you have the opportunity, try the air rifle out.

I would be interested in your experiences on the “Okti” as it is affectionately called by many.

Please let me know in the comments.

Do you have one yourself or are you planning to purchase one?

Thank you for reading!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

Interesting links:

HERE you can watch the video of the Oktoberfestgewehr at IWA 2018.

Do you already know my international YouTube channel? HERE you will find videos of more powerful air rifles in English.

Technical data

  • Total length: 43.5” (110.5 cm)
  • Weight: 7.69 lbs. (3490 g)
  • Caliber: .173 (4.4 mm) copper-plated BBs
  • Magazine capacity: 120 shots
  • Power: 1.9 ft lbs. (2.5 Joule)


My conclusion

What I like:

100+ rounds, it is incredibly fun

What I don’t like:

Material and workmanship in line with the price



Recommended for:



approx. 180 €


Here I test the precision at a distance of 11m while the gun sits on a gun rest. The more stars, the better the precision.


Handling is the overall rating of how the rifle can be handled by the shooter. This includes transport, cocking and loading the rifle, handling in prone, kneeling, and standing positions as well as weight and recoil.

Material / Processing:

The materials used and their processing are evaluated here.


The price is approximate and can of course vary depending on the model.

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