FX Dreamline with a Saber Tactical stock! From my point of view the best stock for the great all-round air rifle from Sweden.

The special features of the Saber Tactical stock

Over the last few months, I had tested all the stocks for FX Dreamline without exception. Whether it’s the Aeron stock, JetAir, or the stocks you can buy directly from FX Airguns.

But what makes the Saber Tactical stock so special?

What I like most of all is that you don’t have to decide in advance how you want to use your rifle. By that I mean that you can shoot offhand just fine with the Classic stocks, but you have no way to attach a bipod. In addition, I think the cheek piece is a bit too low. This is because you have to use a very high mount for the scope, as the magazine sticks out pretty high.

The original Tactical stock is great for shooting with a bipod. However, off-hand shooting is only moderately good. The same applies to the Lite stock.

The Saber Tactical stock is different. The rifle can be held excellently in a standing position. The cheek piece and butt plate are adjustable. The latter can even be tilted and adjusted in length and height. In addition, you have the option to store the gun in a very compact transport case thanks to the foldable stock.

Benchrest shooters have the option of attaching a bipod to the ARCA rail or Picatinny mount. Shooters who like to use a tripod can also use the ARCA rail to mount the rifle. A fore-end rest for Field Target or Hunter Field Target can also be attached via the ARCA rail.

The Saber Tactical Benchrest Monopod

I really enjoy benchrest shooting. Here, too, the Saber Tactical stock plays to its strengths. Either you put the buttstock on the existing bagrider, i.e., on the rail that the stock already provides, or you get the Saber Tactical Benchrest Monopod, as seen in the video. When I saw it on the manufacturer’s site, it was clear to me that I had to test it. So, I imported the stock and monopod from the US and did my tests. What can I say…? I was thrilled!

In the video you can see exactly how it works.

The new DonnyFL silencers

The setup is completed by a DonnyFL Tanto silencer.

You can buy the DonnyFL Tanto silencer and its “big brother” DonnyFL Koi as well as the monopod, and the Accu-Tac bipod in my shop. Koi differs only in length from Tanto. Since my setup is pretty long anyway, I opted for Tanto on this rifle.

The excellent workmanship, the materials used, and the precision on all firearms I tested so far make the two DonnyFL silencers the first choice for me. Additionally, I think they make quite a visual impact as well. I imported them from the United States and was honored to launch them as exclusive AirGhandi DonnyFL silencers on the German market.

Enough theory!

I shot at sugar cubes at a distance of 75 yards with this setup. Have a look at it here:


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How do you like the Saber Tactical stock?

Have you tried shooting benchrest yourself?

Thank you for visiting my website!

Best regards!

Yours, Andi

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