Anschütz 9015 Hunting air rifle – My test and review

Anschütz 9015 Hunting is an excellent air rifle. It’s not only for Field Target and Hunter Field Target, in some countries it’s also allowed to use it for small game hunting and pest control. The precision and the handling of Anschütz 9015 Hunting are in my opinion hard to beat. I’ve never had an air rifle in my hands that made it so easy to get good shooting results. The workmanship, the materials used and the feel are almost unbelievable.

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Air gun benchrest 25m – The first training outside

A unique shooting discipline In an earlier blog post and video I already told you about my first benchrest attempts. However, these only took place indoors and at a maximum distance of 12.5 meters. I’m …

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AirGhandi mit Anschütz 9015 ONE Luftgewehr und Hawke Sidewinder 10-50x60 Zielfernrohr

Anschütz 9015 ONE air rifle – My test and review

Anschütz 9015 ONE is a compressed air rifle that uses a 200-bar compressed air cylinder. It’s available with 7.5 joules and 15 joules. The materials used are insensitive to temperature. The consistency of the rifle is outstanding. In my chrony test, which you can see in the video, the deviation between the slowest and fastest shot at 10 shots was 5.9 fps (1.8 m/s). Another special features of Anschütz 9015 ONE is its usability for the whole family and all disciplines. The rifle is designed in a modular way so that any discipline can be shot by using different stock attachments.

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