Baikal MP61

Baikal MP 61 AirGhandi repetiert nach

Baikal MP 61 – Shooting test and video – AirGhandi’s Quickshot

I enjoyed Baikal MP 61 so much during my review that I decided to make another shooting video separately. Once again, I rolled my Keilershoot Pro in front of my shooting range. The second target I shot at was my SportQuantum SQ10.

With the right combination of rifle, pellets and targets, shooting is simply fun. You just have to think about what you want to have: High-precision shooting on cardboard with a match rifle, or plinking at moving targets? No matter what you decide in the end. In the shooting sports we are all united.

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Baikal MP 61 Ansicht links

Baikal MP 61 – My test and review

Baikal MP 61 certainly looks very unusual. How does the air rifle, which was developed and built in Russia, perform? How powerful and precise is Baikal and for whom is it suitable? These are the questions I try to answer for you in this post and the accompanying video.

The target groups for the rifle are definitely price-conscious shooters and plinkers. Any shooter who sees shooting simply as a fun hobby, who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money and is looking for a robust rifle, is really very well advised with Baikal MP 61.

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