Crosman R1 CO2 .177 (4.5 mm) BB – My test and review

Today I have something really unusual for you: Unusual because I don’t normally test air rifles and pistols with steel BBs. My specialty tends to be pistols and rifles that shoot pellets. However, every now and then I look outside the box and discover products that I simply want to test. That’s now the case.

Frequent readers of my website have already noticed that I have been testing products from Crosman lately. That’s simply because many of them offer an added value and a lot of fun for shooters. Let’s see if Crosman R1 offers the same.

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Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Mark II air pistol – My test and review

A lower recoil compared to a spring-piston air pistol and easy cocking thanks to the clip-on cocking aid are certainly the major advantages of this air pistol. In addition, it is pretty quiet and therefore suitable for attics and basements. The air pistol draws its power from the “Nitro Piston” which gives the name the abbreviation “NP”. This means that no spring is being tensioned while cocking, but rather the nitrogen, which is located in the piston, is being compressed.

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Crosman 1377 American Classic air pistol – My test and review

Once again, an inexpensive Crosman product didn’t disappoint me. The gun is mostly made of metal. Only the grip and the part for pumping is made of plastic. The workmanship is good. The power of American Classic can be increased by pumping several times. Crosman 1377 is a dream for modders and for customizing fans.

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Crosman Remington 1875 CO2 revolver – My test and review

Collectors of high-quality replicas will have their hearts beat faster at the sight of Remington 1875. When you hold the revolver with its cold steel in your hand, you first realize how beautiful it is. Pulling back the hammer is also incredibly fun and gives you a real western feel! You don’t actually shoot at targets with a revolver like this. You need tin pans, tin cans or bean cans here, just like in the wild west. I can highly recommend this revolver to every collector and plinker. A beautiful piece of history.

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Crosman 1077 Ansicht von rechts

Crosman 1077 – My test and review

Fun, fun. fun! That’s all I can say. I must have run through two dozen magazines before I started writing down my thoughts on the rifle and filming the review. The rifle simply awakens the child in me which I deliberately keep alive. It’s an incredibly great change from the highly focused shooting I usually do with my other guns. And that’s how the shooting sport has to be: Diverse and fun.

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