Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia – My presentation of the special edition model

Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia is a strictly limited rifle of the Diana 34 EMS series. I will show it to you today and of course I will also shoot the rifle.

I’ve done a review on the classic model of Diana 34 EMS in the past and presented you the special Diana 34 EMS Legion model. Those of you who haven’t read the posts and seen the videos yet are welcome to do so later.

Now have fun with Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia!

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Diana 48 air rifle – My test and review

Diana 48 has been on the market for many years. Now I got one to take a closer look at it. How precise is the rifle? How handy is the side cocking system and how is it compared to Diana’s other sidelever rifles? After all, Diana 48 doesn’t have a recoil system like Diana 54 AirKing Pro!

I’ll answer all these and many more questions in this exciting test!

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Diana 350 Magnum Classic – My test and review

A rifle Made in Germany! How will it perform? How precise is it? I’ll answer these and other questions in this post and in the accompanying video.

Yes, dear shooters, here we have a full-fledged break-barrel rifle “Made in Germany”. 350 Magnum is from Diana’s “Performance Line”. The quality, the looks and the technology were absolutely convincing in my test. The system is beautifully burnished and the rifle performed well. All shooters looking for a high-quality rifle that will last forever should take a closer look at the 350. To Diana fans, I can only advise: Buy it, people! You won’t be disappointed!

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Diana p-five air pistol – My test and review

I took my first shots using the mounted rear and front sights. That’s when it showed again. I’m just not good at pistol shooting via open sights. So, I grabbed a reflex sight which made it much better right away. The advantage of the reflex sight is: once you have set it, you only have to focus on the red dot in the display. If it aims exactly on the target, the air pistol hits exactly there. And from then on, Diana p-five proved what it was capable of. The results were getting better and better!

For 69 euros you get a whole lot of shooting fun here! Anyone who hasn’t yet ventured into air pistol shooting and also doesn’t want to spend a lot of money can certainly purchase it without hesitation! The p-five isn’t just for plinking cans. You can make your first steps in pistol shooting here.

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Diana 34 EMS Legion – Testing the Limited Edition

The rifle is really impressive. When I took it out of the box and put it in a shooting position, I noticed something right away. Wow, it feels great! Somehow it feels different than the Diana 34 EMS I had in my hand a few days ago. Good thing I have not yet returned the model with the wooden stock.

I put the rifles side by side. Indeed, 34 EMS Legion is wider at the fore-end. So that was the reason for the new haptic feeling. It’s perfect for my quite large hands (glove size 10)!

It has a thumbhole stock which is now available in this particular olive color. I really like this color. It makes it look like a hunting rifle.

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