Diana Airbug mit Zubehör von rechts

Diana Airbug CO2 air pistol – AirGhandi’s Quickshot

This time I mounted a Hawke reflex sight to make aiming a little easier. To be exact, I mounted a Hawke 3MOA reflex sight. You can see even the smallest targets at 10m through the fine red dot in the sight without blocking them out. I’m shooting with the single-shot adapter again in this video. It may be coincidence, but I think I shoot more accurately than when I use the drum magazine. To be honest, I also enjoy loading the single-shot adapter and the short concentration time. So, for me it’s clear that Diana Airbug is a whole lot of fun.

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Pistolen Karabiner Weihrauch HW45 Diana LP8 von vorne

Weihrauch HW45 and Diana LP8 pistol carbine

You can turn your air pistol into a small rifle easily and quickly. You only have two screws that you have to loosen to mount the gun stock. You can switch between pistol and pistol carbine that quickly. Even with the stock attached, the pistol remains nice and compact and easy to carry. Higher precision is thus very easy to achieve. You have the option of buying the carbine stock either with an adjustable cheek piece, or if you want to continue shooting via the open sights you can save yourself a few more bucks and opt for a fixed cheek piece.

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Diana Airbug mit AirGhandi´s Training Master und Kartuschen

Diana Airbug CO2 pistol – My test and review

All plinkers and shooters who shoot just for fun are getting a recommendation from me today. If you want to punch a few cans now and then or shoot at your range, then Diana Airbug is a great pistol for that. The handling is great, and the grip feels nice in the hand. The possibility to open and close the cap of the CO2 chamber with a lever pin is really great.

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Mauser K98 PCP Ansicht links vorne mit Hawke Airmax 6-24x50 Compact Zielfernrohr vor Mauer liegend

Mauser K98 PCP – My review and test

The first time I saw a Mauser K98 PCP was at IWA in 2019. It was introduced in 2019 but was not available on the market until recently. Several dealers have had it in stock …

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Diana Panther 31 Luftgewehr Komplettaufnahme

Diana Panther 31 – My review

In my beginner’s guide, I have recommended Diana Panther 31 among other spring-piston air rifles for beginners. I have given my reasoning in a few short sentences. Several years ago, I had also made a …

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