Weihrauch HW35

Weihrauch HW35 and HW35 E – My new review

I did a review of Weihrauch HW35 6 years ago. I have been approached several times just in the last few years to have another look at this rifle. The review is too old and the extent of the test no longer corresponds to today’s extent. There is simply far too much information missing about the air rifle Made in Germany, which has been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

Since it’s one of my absolute favorite models, I was of course happy to review this rifle again and wrote this post and a new video.

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March 1-10×24 Shorty riflescope – My Test

The March rifle scopes from the Japanese manufacturer Deon Optical Design are used, among others, by various military forces but also by many tactical shooters and hunters. The outstanding quality and technology make March glasses the first choice for demanding shooters.

What makes this glass so special? We’ll take a closer look at the Shorty today.

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Weihrauch HW35 Customizing Aufnahme Seite Hawke Frontier

Weihrauch HW35 tuning and modification

Weihrauch HW35 – I’ve missed it a lot in the last years. Why is Weihrauch HW35 so important to me? The first air rifle I bought myself was a Weihrauch HW35. I bought it following …

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