Weihrauch HW50

Weihrauch HW50 S at the shooting range

Today I shoot at everything that is fun. From empty shotgun shells to metal pendulum targets. The great thing about those targets is that you get a feedback whenever you hit something. The shotgun shells sometimes fly several meters away and make a loud noise.

I have to admit that it is almost too easy to shoot the targets with this setup at 18m. Ok, I missed once, but I think next time I’ll put the targets 5-10 yards further away.

It’s extremely fun to shoot with HW50 S. The handling is great, and the rifle is also pretty light for long shooting sessions.

Well, I really had fun today.

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Weihrauch HW 50S Ansicht rechts komplett

Weihrauch HW50 S air rifle – My test and review

As you would hardly expect otherwise, Weihrauch HW 50 S is of excellent quality. As soon as you take the rifle out of the box, you quickly realize that you have chosen high quality by buying it. The system and barrel are nicely burnished, the beech wood of the stock is processed without any flaws and nicely oiled. As with almost all of the other high-quality Weihrauch spring-piston air rifles, HW 50 S also uses the match trigger Rekord. The trigger is an absolute quality feature. Once you’ve fired the first few shots with HW 50 S, you immediately realize that you’ve got a great air rifle in your hands. The proportions, balance and feel of Weihrauch HW 50 S flatter the shooter.

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