Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24x50 Aufnahme total

Testing the Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50 rifle scope

Hawke Airmax Compact is the result of further development of the extremely popular Hawke Airmax rifle scope. Numerous field target and hunter field target shooters rely on Hawke rifle scopes.

When readers of my blog or viewers of my YouTube channel ask me  for a recommendation, I often recommend the Hawke Airmax rifle scope. Why? Because I’m convinced.

The coating does the trick

People often ask me why they should spend more money on a rifle scope. For those who do not simply shoot at a few cans but want to shoot in competitions or are looking for something of high quality, it is advisable to invest a few euros more.

A high-quality rifle scope is durable and remains stable in value over the years. If, as it is the case with Hawke rifle scopes, a 10-year guarantee is included with the purchase, you are not taking any risks. So, your money is well invested.

The various rifle scope models differ, among other things, in the coating. As in many other product areas, the same rule applies here: the more you invest, the more quality you get.

The reticle of the Hawke Airmax Compact

Another distinguishing feature of the Hawke Airmax Compact its reticle. Just as  Hawke Airmax, which has been on the market for some time, the AMX reticle is used in the Compact series. It is characterized by very fine lines. I have uploaded a photo of the reticle here.

Compact size

The biggest advantage of the lens shown here is of course its compact size. Besides the Aztec Emerald 5.5-25×50 rifle scope, the Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50 is the second rifle scope I know of that can easily be used with smaller break-barrel air rifles for field target.

Many shooters use a Weihrauch HW30S air rifle. It has an excellent precision, and the handling is great. It is reasonably priced and therefore interesting for many beginners and price-conscious shooters. With the Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50, there is now finally a scope with a great price/performance ratio for shooters of compact break-barrel air rifles.

Several shooters have already demonstrated that the Weihrauch HW30S can also be used for field target shooting. The rifle scope is also ideal for shooters who prefer a lightweight setup.

The conclusion I and other shooters have come to

Of course, I’m not the only one who has become aware of the Hawke Airmax Compact. I have talked to some other shooters who have used the rifle scope. So far, I have received only positive feedback about it.

I clearly recommend this scope to air rifle shooters who value the above-mentioned criteria. In the technical data below, you can get more information.

Thank you again for reading and I wish you a great time!

See you next time!
Yours, Andi

Technical data Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50:

  • Length: 32.9 cm
  • Weight: 670 grams
  • Click value: 1/10 MRAD
  • Focus: 9 m
  • Tube diameter: 30 mm

Interesting link:

Do you already know my international YouTube channel? HERE you will find videos of more powerful air rifles in English.

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