Why does it make sense to install an AirJoe Tuning Trigger?

Today I have once again an exciting topic for you. This time it’s all about legal tuning!

Weihrauch air rifles are factory equipped with the match trigger Rekord. In my personal opinion, it’s one of the best triggers in the recreational air rifle range. This is one of the reasons why such excellent shooting results can be achieved with Weihrauch air rifles.

However, if you’ve shot a lot with your rifle, you get to the point where you ask yourself: What can I improve on my Weihrauch HW? How can I upgrade my Weihrauch air rifle to achieve even better results?

Of course, the above questions have been floating around in my head all too often. None of my air rifles are still in factory condition. I have tried to improve and optimize all air rifles within the limits of the law.

A very important component of an air rifle is the trigger. It is quite crucial whether it has a clear trigger pull and whether the trigger weight is low. If your rifle has a high trigger weight, your hand might cramp when you release the trigger.

The AirJoe Tuning Trigger

The Weihrauch match trigger Rekord is, as mentioned earlier, already really good. However, that doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The company AirJoe, together with former employees of the company V-Mach, has developed a tuning trigger that offers many outstanding features. It also contains components of V-Mach. It is now possible to shoot even more comfortable and accurate with your Weihrauch air rifle.

Specifically, the following procedures were performed on the original trigger:

  1. The pivot of the trigger blade was moved forward
  2. An aluminum blade was installed and moved to the back
  3. It has now a precisely adjustable pre-travel
  4. The trigger screw was shortened, it received a softer spring and a lock nut
  5. The nut was fixed
  6. An additional rivet pin was attached
  7. The trigger is preadjusted and greased

What is the benefit of a trigger blade that is moved to the back?

Many Weihrauch air rifles have a flat grip angle. This causes the shooter’s hand position to be tense. The shooter has a more comfortable hand position and optimized contact of the trigger finger due to the modifications.

The trigger weight of the AirJoe Tuning Trigger

From the factory, Weihrauch’s match trigger Rekord is set at approximately 1.32 lbs. (600 grams). You’ve often seen a similar value in my trigger tests when I’ve tested a Weihrauch air rifle. The trigger weight of the AirJoe Tuning Trigger has well under 0.66 lbs. (300 grams). The reduction was achieved by, among other things, moving the pivot axis of the trigger blade to the front. This results in other leverage forces.

Since the modification of the trigger is meticulous manual work, the trigger weight may vary somewhat between different models. However, the manufacturer states it to be well under 0.66 lbs. (300 grams). This is an outstanding value. You can regulate it yourself via a shortened set screw. On my own HW30 (with the F-in-pentagon mark), the weight is set to 0.33 lbs. (150 grams).


With an additional Allen screw, the pre-travel can be precisely adjusted. The nut on the bottom has been replaced with a new one. It is secured against falling out. By lubricating the pawls with V-Mach grease, the friction has been minimized. The surface of the trigger blade is finely smoothed, the edges chamfered and the grip surface polished.

The pre-travel and trigger pull are excellently adjusted to each other at the factory and the trigger breaks perfectly.

Do you need an AirJoe Tuning Trigger?

Honestly: If you’re plinking cans in the attic, I’m sure an AirJoe Tuning Trigger is completely overkill for you.

However, if you’re an ambitious shooter looking for a way to shoot even more accurately or want to have an advantage over the one or other competitor in a tournament, then an AirJoe Tuning Trigger is practically mandatory. I installed it in my Weihrauch HW30S and am simply thrilled.


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A lot of ideas and a lot of work go into a trigger like this.

Finally, it is possible again to tune your air rifle’s trigger.

You can get the AirJoe Tuning Trigger in my store at www.jabolo.de.

I hope you liked my post?

Do you have an Weihrauch air rifle?

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

See you next week!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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