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Cobra Adder crossbow – My Test

Today I have something really special for you: Cobra Adder!

I recently announced in a post that I would be stepping out of my comfort zone. I will also take a look and test other weapons that are available from the age of 18. Besides the category for airsoft weapons that will be created here on the website, I will also have a look at one or the other crossbow.

Today I will start with Cobra Adder.

The design of Cobra Adder

The huge output of EK Archery Cobra Adder comes from the built-in 130-pound bow. It’s really powerful for training purposes. I barely got the first bolts I shot out of the mat. There are two stoppers on the limb. These stop the bowstring and protect it from excessive wear. To protect the bowstring even better, it is recommended to always put oil on it.

The adjustable AR-15 shoulder rest ensures that you can comfortably shoulder the weight of the crossbow. However, the shoulder rest doesn’t have to be mounted. Then Adder can be shot like a pistol crossbow. I like the shoulder rest, so I only shot with it.

The included handgrip can be attached to the Picatinny rail at the bottom. It’s not absolutely necessary, but I personally find it very convenient.

The magazine holds five bolts.  It’s easy to do and you don’t need any tools.

The built-in automatic safety can be removed. Personally, however, I think it’s an additional safeguard that I wouldn’t want to miss. Up front, there are two more Picatinny rails for attaching other accessories. The supplied red dot is mounted on the upper Picatinny rail above the trigger unit.

Shooting Cobra RX Adder

I was kind of reserved when I held up the crossbow. Due to my inexperience with this type of weapon, I approached it very carefully. I had loaded the five supplied bolts into the magazine.

The red anodized spring lever creates a slight pressure on the bolts and ensures that the next bolt comes automatically. With each repeating process, a bolt is automatically loaded. When the clamping lever is returned, it snaps back into place on the handle. The safety was activated automatically.

Now you can detect the target via the Red Dot. After releasing the safety, the crossbow is ready to be fired. After the first shot, I was surprised. Shooting the bolt is extremely quiet and the crossbow hardly reacts to it. The handling is surprisingly good. The bolt flies towards the target and strikes deep into the mat.

I quickly shot the other four bolts after them. Wow, this is fun!

The disadvantage of a powerful crossbow

Full of excitement and in anticipation of the next shots, I sprinted to my arrow catcher. I wanted to quickly pull it out to start the next round.

And there was the problem. Due to the extreme power of the crossbow, the bolts were stuck. With my “delicate office hands” I didn’t have the strength to pull them out again.

If you work in construction, you probably just laugh at this problem. I used pliers then. An old T-shirt on the collet jaws made sure I didn’t damage the bolts.

Finally, I freed the bolts and could continue.

My conclusion of Cobra Adder

My first “trip” to the world of weapons outside of air rifles was really exciting. Of course, I picked a high-quality weapon right away with RX Cobra Adder. Material and workmanship as well as the handling are really convincing. Repeating requires a bit of strength, but this is obviously due to the power of the 130-pound bow.

For training purposes, I’m currently thinking about a 90-pound bow. Cocking and pulling the bolts out of the mat doesn’t require as much effort then. However, just shooting such a powerful weapon is fun if you are otherwise only used to 7.5 joules air rifles. And it’s all about having fun at the end of the day.

Another alternative is to build training bolts.  To do this, you can simply grind the tip of the bolts. They don’t dig as deep into the target then.

Write me here in the comments how you liked the test. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading my post and watching my video.

Thanks to GoGun who provided me with Adder free of charge.

Now have fun with my video:


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Stay healthy!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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Do you already know my international YouTube channel? HERE you will find videos of more powerful air rifles in English.

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