You’re not satisfied with the shooting performance of your air pistol or air rifle? You think the recoil could be dampened or the precision could be increased? Then it’s time for tuning! I’ve worked on many air guns over the last few years. I’ve installed tuning kits and made modifications to rifle stocks and air pistol grips. These then contributed to a better shooting result and more comfortable shooting. Sometimes nothing has changed except getting dirty fingers. Have fun with my articles and reviews.

Leshiy 2 Bottle – The installation

Today I want to show you how to attach an Edgun Leshiy 2 Bottle to your rifle. When you initially buy the semi-automatic air rifle, it has two interconnected air chambers at the buttstock. You don’t have to be a gifted technician to install the new bottle on Leshiy 2. It doesn’t take long, and you don’t need any special tools to do it.

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FX Impact M3 Saber Tactical

Saber Tactical offers many great upgrades for various air rifles on the market. I have already tested many of these parts.

My plan was to upgrade my FX Impact M3 with all available parts.

The result is an absolute beast. I will now present it to you step by step.

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Tuning kit installation in Weihrauch HW30 S

A tuning kit for a spring-loaded air rifle is designed to further optimize the shooting feel and accuracy. It’s not a matter of increasing the power. We want to tune the rifle to the permitted performance limit and then optimize it so that the handling and shooting feel are perfect.

That’s why I’m so happy now that I discovered the AirJoe Tuning Kit. After installation, it met all the requirements that I expect from a tuning kit: Excellent performance, great shooting feel and amazing accuracy.

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Tuning Kit for Weihrauch air rifles

Today I present you a tuning kit for your Weihrauch air rifle!

Weihrauch air rifles are without a doubt worldwide some of the best air rifles in the recreational market that you can get. I don’t think there will be anyone in the community who disagrees with me on that point. However, there are always people or companies who are still not satisfied with this. They are working on making the outstanding weapons even better.

Not only competitors, but also recreational shooters want their favorite rifle at the absolute maximum. It’s not about performance or power, but mainly about handling and shooting behavior.

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Daviesbuilt Gunstocks Weihrauch HW30 S

Today I want to tell you a little more about my Daviesbuilt Gunstocks stock for my Weihrauch HW30 S.

I’m always on the lookout for something special and exotic in our common hobby. I spend many hours a day with my smartphone in my hand, browsing the Internet for products related to air rifle shooting. Then, when I find something, I have it sent to me from all over the world so I can take a closer look at it. The best products then make it into a video on my YouTube channel and some will even be sold in my shop.

Now it’s time, I’ll show you the stock for my Weihrauch HW30 S that I designed together with Thomas Davies and then had him build it for me.

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