Whatever target you’re shooting at, what would air rifle or air pistol shooting be without the proper ones? I’ve built several shooting stands over the last few years and tested countless targets, both purchased and self-built. I’ve summarized here which ones were good and proved to be suitable. Needless to say, I’m always open to new suggestions. Every shooter has their own taste and decides for themselves what they like best.

Mamba Target Biathlon Target

Everyone who knows me, knows exactly that I need constant change in the shooting sport, that I’m always looking for even better products and that my shooting range has constantly undergone change and improvement over the last few years.

When I was allowed to shoot air rifles with more than 7.5J on the shooting range, the demands on the targets obviously changed. Most of the targets you can buy in various stores are rated at a maximum of 7.5 joules. One shot with 30 or 40 joules and the target is broken.

So, I have sent my request to Frank from Mamba Target.

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Schießspiel Kronkorken vorne teil befüllt

Target with bottle caps

For me, the fun of air rifle shooting depends on the targets you shoot at. Of course, it is also fun to shoot at regular 14×14 targets, but I can’t do it very persistently. For …

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Keilershoot Keiler in der Nahaufnahme

The ultimate shooting gallery: Keilershoot Pro!

On my third day at IWA 2019, I actually just strolled around at the trade fair. I didn’t have a specific destination; I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere and also take a look at halls and manufacturers of products that have nothing to do with our hobby.

On the way from one hall to the next, I noticed something while passing by. There was a small booth with two large green boxes that had something moving inside of them. In hindsight, I’m really happy that I chose this exact hallway to walk through and not one of the five other options.

Have I finally found the perfect target I’ve been looking for this past three years? Moving responsive targets, high-quality workmanship for durability? Finally, something where everything has been thought of?

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