Weihrauch HW 30 S

Daviesbuilt Gunstocks Weihrauch HW30 S

Today I want to tell you a little more about my Daviesbuilt Gunstocks stock for my Weihrauch HW30 S.

I’m always on the lookout for something special and exotic in our common hobby. I spend many hours a day with my smartphone in my hand, browsing the Internet for products related to air rifle shooting. Then, when I find something, I have it sent to me from all over the world so I can take a closer look at it. The best products then make it into a video on my YouTube channel and some will even be sold in my shop.

Now it’s time, I’ll show you the stock for my Weihrauch HW30 S that I designed together with Thomas Davies and then had him build it for me.

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Weihrauch HW30 S AGE at the shooting range

There were times when I was so skilled with my HW30 that I could offhand hit a match at 32 yards (30 meters). However, that was at a time when I only had this air rifle and a lot of time. Unfortunately, those days are over. I’m not necessarily a bad shooter now, but I’m still a long way from my best form back then.

Today I will show you one of my favorite rifles again.

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Weihrauch HW 30 S air rifle 2020 version – My test and review

The small HW 30 S is a manageable air rifle with excellent handling. It is light, compact, slim, and thus can be easily operated well by younger or weaker shooters. Often you hear that it is a youth rifle. But I disagree with that. I’m 42 years old now and far from youthful. Nevertheless, I have a lot of fun with the small HW 30.
I think the new stock of the 2020 version is very well done. The new shape of the buttstock makes the rifle look sportier. I really like the stippling on the forend and grip.

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