Weihrauch HW 30 S air rifle 2020 version – My test and review

Weihrauch HW 30 S was my third air rifle I ever owned. At the time, I opted for the model without open sights and with a 1/2″ UNF thread. Today I’ll show you the new 2020 model. I’m really excited to see how the air rifle performs.

The company Weihrauch Sport from Mellrichstadt in Germany has been manufacturing extremely high-quality air rifles for decades. A few days ago, I was asked in the comments on my YouTube channel what my favorite 5 Weihrauch air rifles were. Anyone who has been following my website for a while knows that for me HW 30 S is on one of the top positions.

But why?

That’s Weihrauch HW 30 S

The small HW 30 S is a manageable air rifle with excellent handling. It is lightweight, compact, slim, and thus can be easily operated by younger or weaker shooters. Often you hear that it is a youth rifle. But I disagree with that. I’m 42 years old now and far from youthful. Nevertheless, I have a lot of fun with the small HW 30.

You can shoot the break-barrel air rifle for a long time without getting tired. It’s lightweight and easy to cock. The breechblock holds the barrel in position when the rifle is closed.

For aiming, you can either use the front and rear sight or you can us a rifle scope. You simply have to remove the front sight tunnel and the fully adjustable rear sight. The scope is then mounted on the milled 11 mm prism rail.

If you ever need advice on rifle scopes, I’ll be happy to help.

The stock

New to the 2020 version of Weihrauch HW 30 S is the stock. The buttstock has been given a new shape. I think it looks very modern. It significantly enhances the beech wood compared to the previous straight stock. In addition, the grip and forend have received a nice stippling.

For those of you who don’t like to maintain your gun, there is also a black synthetic stock available. The version with the black synthetic stock is also cheaper.

Personally, I prefer wood. For regular readers, I don’t think that’s news anymore.

My conclusion of Weihrauch HW 30 S

The rifle is close to perfection. The ratio between mass and performance is excellent. You hardly notice the recoil when shooting and you can achieve good results quickly.

Of course, the rifle is a bit more compact than all other Weihrauch models. If you are quite tall like me, you have to come to terms with the compact stock. Personally, I don’t mind having to do some bending for the small HW 30 S.

I think the new stock of the 2020 version is very well done. The new shape of the buttstock makes the rifle look sportier. I really like the stippling on the forend and grip.

You can see how impressed I am. Well, anyone who has known me for a while knows that I really like this small Weihrauch air rifle.

How do you like the stock of the new Weihrauch HW 30 S?

What are your favorite 3 air rifles from Weihrauch? I really want to know now!

Thank you again for visiting my site. Enjoy watching the video!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

Interesting links:

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Technical data

  • System: break barrel, spring piston
  • Total length: 38.77” (98.5 cm)
  • Barrel length: 15.55” (39.5 cm)
  • Weight: 5.51 lbs. (2.5 kg)
  • Caliber: .177 (4.5 mm) pellet
  • Velocity: 623 fps (190 m/s)
  • Trigger: match trigger Rekord
  • Safety: automatic
  • Rail for optics: 11 mm prism rail
  • Stock: beech wood (also available in synthetic)


My conclusion

What I like:

Beautiful stippling, great handling, outstanding price / performance ratio

What I don’t like:

NOTHING – I’m thrilled!



Recommended for:

recreational shooters, plinkers, price-conscious shooters


approx. 230 €


Here I test the precision at a distance of 11m while the gun sits on a gun rest. The more stars, the better the precision.


Handling is the overall rating of how the rifle can be handled by the shooter. This includes transport, cocking and loading the rifle, handling in prone, kneeling, and standing positions as well as weight and recoil.

Material / Processing:

The materials used and their processing are evaluated here.


The price is approximate and can of course vary depending on the model.

10 thoughts on “Weihrauch HW 30 S air rifle 2020 version – My test and review”

  1. William Hartz

    I have a Beeman R7 ( same gun but American flavor stock) i purchased for my wife. I have a vortek tuned HW50 and a tuned Diana 350 magnum. it’s very nice to go shoot together in the yard. the Beeman ( HW30S) is a tackdriver at 20 -30 yards. it’s much more fun to hit what you’re aiming at. you have a wonderful website
    thanks for your work, really enjoy it.

    1. Hello William,
      thanks a lot for your comment! Very nice to hear, that you enjoy your shooting. Hope you will come back sometimes here to my blog 🙂
      Wish you a great time!
      Best regards!

  2. Edward S Clement

    FYI A. – I just ordered my 2nd HW30 ( with upgraded stock). (1st one is an HW30 Deluxe) I have an HW50S and an HW35E – all my guns are .177 – these 2 are wonderful for pesting, plinking and 25 – 30 yard targets. (sub 1 inch regularly for both) But my HW30 Deluxe is just incredibly accurate (H&N 4.50 head FTT’s). 1/2 inch @ 25-30yds. I ordered #2 HW30s to make it a real precision machine. It will get good glass and a clean-up / lube of internals to start. The power components of these “carbines” are particularly smooth and deliver consistent velocities out of the box – I do not anticipate a “tune” as long as the original spring maintains it’s integrity. I cannot tell you how much fun I have hitting the line at our club and putting $1,000 PCP’s to shame at 25 yards. Life’s little victories!

    1. Thanks a lot Edward for your Comment!
      Yes, it is really a very accurate rifle. I see everything like you said!
      And there are additional tuning Kits from AirJoe… 🙂
      Best regards!

  3. Graham Baillie

    Graham . You’re video is great my hw 30 I have I have lowered power for 6/10 metres so fantastic with open sights and very lovely to shoot. Great to see someone who can shoot keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks a lot for your visit and your comment Graham! Hope you will come back sometimes!
      Wish you a lot of fun with your HW30S! 🙂

  4. Hi, your review is the reason that I’ve finally bought HW30. I just mounted Hawke Airmax 2-7×32 scope with Sportsmatch low mounting, and it seems to sit just like yours, but there is a shadow of front iron sight when I look into the scope. Does it happened to you too, and how do you fix it ?. Thanks

    1. Hey!
      Thanks a lot for your visit and your comment!
      Hm… i haven´t that small shadow. But i used a medium mount on it. But you can put it off the front sight. So you won´t have this problem any more 🙂
      Wish you a great day!
      Best regards!

  5. Excellent, informative site and blog; now will have another good read besides the Pyramyd Air blog. Already own an HW95 which I like very much and have been debating purchasing an HW30 S as well, except perhaps in .22 since the HW95 is in that caliber. Your review gets me very close to “pulling the trigger” on buying the HW30.

    Yes, I appreciate the quality and engineering behind German firearms and airguns as has been the case for many years.

    1. Hey Albert,
      thanks a lot for your visit and your comment! Great that you found the blog 🙂
      The HW30S is an amazing airgun! You won´t regret when you buy it! For sure! Weihrauch really builds amazing airguns. Had so many in different tests, and all were really really high quality!
      Hope you will come back here!
      Best regards!


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