FX Dreamline

Saber Tactical – The best FX Dreamline!

Over the last few months, I had tested all the stocks for FX Dreamline without exception. Whether it’s the Aeron stock, JetAir, or the stocks you can buy directly from FX Airguns. Today I’ll show you an absolutely outstanding and versatile setup of my FX Dreamline! The Saber Tactical Dreamline! But what makes the Saber Tactical stock so special?

The Saber Tactical stock is different. The rifle can be held excellently in a standing position. The cheek piece is adjustable just like the butt plate. The latter can even be tilted and adjusted in length and height. In addition, you have the option to store the gun in a very compact transport case thanks to the foldable stock.

Benchrest shooters have the option of attaching a bipod to the ARCA Rail or Picatinny mount. Shooters who like to use a tripod can also use the ARCA Rail to mount the rifle. A fore-end rest can also be attached via the ARCA Rail for Field Target or Hunter Field Target.

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FX Dreamline Compact Lite – Introduction on the shooting range

I must confess, I have never been interested in ultra-compact versions of air rifles before. For me, the look of the rifle plays an important role. When I take a gun out of my gun safe, I want to enjoy the sight of it. Many air rifles simply look truncated when built extra short. It’s different with FX Dreamline Compact. It totally meets my taste.

FX Dreamline Compact Lite obviously differs from the already known FX Dreamline Lite by its shorter design. Both the barrel and the cartridge are shorter than the well-known Dreamline Lite model. Two questions in particular will be interesting for us: Is Dreamline Compact just as precise as the long model? And what about the capacity of the cartridge? I did the test for you and took a closer look at FX Dreamline Compact.

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FX Dreamline Tuning – Conversion to 24 joules

Today I’m going to show you how to increase the power of the rifle to 24 joules using the tuning kit that comes with the purchase. I will, of course, also explain the legal side of this.
I have a firearms dealer’s license now which entitles me to shoot firearms with more than 7.5 joules. But the installation of the Dreamline tuning kit may only be done by a gunsmith. That’s why I’m at my trusted gunsmith today: Michael Rumpel. He will do the conversion and the first entry into the National Gun Registry. He then transfers the ownership to me and makes an entry in my Firearms Record Book.

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Aeron CZ Field Target stock for FX Dreamline

The fully adjustable stock is, of course, aimed mainly at Field Target shooters. They benefit the most from the adjustable butt plate, adjustable cheek piece, and the ability to use a fore-end rest. This adds yet another option to FX Dreamline which is already extremely flexible in terms of configuration. You can quickly convert your recreational rifle that you shoot during the week into a Field Target air rifle with a few simple steps.

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Thumbnail FX Dreamline vs. Weihrauch HW100

Weihrauch HW100 vs. FX Dreamline – Shooting at 25 m

I was on my range with the two air rifles. I had equipped FX Dreamline in the Tactical version with an Accu Tac bipod and an Athlon MIDAS Tac 6-24×50 FFP. Weihrauch HW100 had the Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50 mounted. I shot both rifles with the same pellets, at the same distance, under the same conditions, and then compare the results. Which air rifle will prevail? HW100 vs. Dreamline! Which one is more precise? Check out my video.

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