Element Helix 6-24×50 rifle scope – My test and review

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Helix rifle scopes offer special features that no other scopes in this price range have to offer. You can tell that Element Optics had shooters involved in the development. They contributed all their experience to the design of the scopes. They know what is needed for benchrest shooting, long range shooting, hunting or air rifle shooting.

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Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting mit Aztec Optics Zielfernrohr

Mounting a rifle scope and sighting it in! But how?

In recent years I’ve been asked many times how to mount a rifle scope. I’ve always tried to explain by e-mail how to do it to get a good result. I knew for a long …

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Eagle Vision Cam Side-Cam Adapter mit Hawke Airmax 6-24x50 nahaufnahme

Eagle Vision Cam – Side-Cam Adapter – My Review

Today I will show you my new side-cam adapter from Eagle Vision Cam. Why do you need a side-cam adapter? You probably know the videos of famous YouTubers in which you can look through the …

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Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24x50 Aufnahme total

Testing the Hawke Airmax Compact 6-24×50 rifle scope

Hawke Airmax Compact is the result of further development of the extremely popular Hawke Airmax rifle scope. Numerous field target and hunter field target shooters rely on Hawke rifle scopes. When readers of my blog …

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Aztec Optics Emerald 5,5-25x50 Zielfernrohr SFP mit Umkarton

FFP and SFP – Which reticle type is better?

For a long time, I have been asking myself what the difference between those two types is. I never had the courage to buy a riflescope with a FFP reticle and test it. If I …

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