Steyr ProX

Steyr ProX caliber 5.5mm with 7.5 joules – My test and review

If you’ve been looking up extremely high-quality air rifles on the recreational market over the past few years, eventually you’ve come across Steyr ProX. I’ve reviewed the one in caliber .177 (4.5mm) a while ago. That was a rifle and video shoot that I can still remember today. A rifle that brings a big smile to a gun tester’s face and this smile only disappears when the magazine is empty.

Steyr Sport has now launched the new ProX in caliber .22 (5.5mm) with 7.5 joules on the German market! I’ve reviewed the rifle for you!

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Steyr ProX Laminate – AirGhandi’s Quickshot

ProX combines a wide range of applications in one air rifle. Every shooter certainly gets their money’s worth. The rifle has the precision to be a suitable tool for any shooter who wants to improve their performance. When you mount the rifle on a bipod, you’ll get nice results.

The plinkers among us are especially pleased with the ability to fire 10 rounds from the magazine at breakneck speed. Of course, it’s a bit decadent to have a gun for plinking that costs over 2,000 euros. But there are also Porsche drivers who simply enjoy their cars. And after all, this is a hobby that should provide you with maximum fun.

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Steyr ProX – My review and test

Rarely have I had so much fun with an air rifle during my test. I didn’t even count how many times I refilled the magazine. My bullet trap was filled to the brim with flattened pellets at the end of the test.

As you can see in the shooting test in my video, ProX has excellent precision even with a fast-firing sequence. The 10 pellets are fired from the drum magazine within a few seconds.

Those who want to have maximum fun and have the necessary spare money will not get around ProX.

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