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Steyr ProX Laminate – AirGhandi’s Quickshot

Video of Steyr ProX Laminate!

I had already done a review and a post about Steyr ProX in the past. At that time, I had the model with the nut stock for testing.

Now Steyr Sport offers the air rifle with a beautiful laminated wood stock. For me a reason to shoot a few tins of pellets with the rifle again and take a second look.

The concept of Steyr ProX Laminate

ProX combines a wide range of applications in one air rifle. Every shooter certainly gets their money’s worth.

The rifle has the precision to be a suitable tool for any shooter who wants to improve their performance.

When you mount the rifle on a bipod, you’ll get nice results.

The plinkers among us are especially pleased with the ability to fire 10 rounds from the magazine at breakneck speed. Of course, it’s a bit decadent to have a gun for plinking that costs over 2,000 euros. But there are also Porsche drivers who simply enjoy their cars. And after all, this is a hobby that should provide you with maximum fun.

The pellets in this video

Of course, I’m shooting AirGhandi’s Finest again in this video. Before each video, I always test if they work in the air rifle I want to show you. AirGhandi’s Finest partially fund my work. That’s why, of course, I’m eager to use them as often as possible to show you that these are not just an alternative, but outstanding air rifle pellets. So far, there is almost no air rifle that isn’t compatible with those pellets.

Keilershoot Pro – The shooting gallery

To get the maximum fun out of the Steyr ProX Laminate, of course, you need some targets that are really fun to shoot. Steel targets, shotgun shells, or other targets that give the shooter feedback when they are being hit are, of course, particularly suitable. However, they have one disadvantage: You have to collect them after each hit and put it back. Of course, it’s not the end of the world, but if the targets lift themselves up and you can just keep shooting, then that’s another real fun upgrade.

The great advantage of Keilershoot Pro is that the targets are moving. That means it’s a challenge to hit them. And then, fortunately for the shooter, they always get up on their own. So, you practically only have to interrupt your shooting session to reload the magazines. Now that’s what I call luxury!

Is the Steyr ProX Laminate fun to shoot?

Well, that question is unnecessary. This air rifle is extremely good. The incredible precision and fantastic handling make ProX a rifle that is in a category of its own.

In my review, I gave ProX a 9/10 in terms of precision. Only the best match rifles get 10 points. So far, this has only happened very rarely. Nevertheless, you can use ProX for competitions. Since there is no single-shot adapter, there’s no official competition for this rifle. After consultation with the competition management, you can certainly shoot with ProX in competitions like Hunter Field Target and Field Target when there is no ranking. It easily has the precision to hit well at 25 m. If you only want to load one pellet into the magazine at a time, you have to briefly test at which position it has to be inserted. However, you will quickly figure this out.

Those who simply want to shoot recreationally can have the maximum fun with ProX. Whether you shoot small targets or a rapid-fire series on a range of targets, such as shotgun shells or metal silhouettes, ProX is the right air rifle for that.

But one single flaw has the rifle unfortunately… All the fun is always over so quickly. The 10 rounds are quickly fired from the drum magazine. And then you have to take a break and reload.

Preferably, you should always shoot in pairs. One of you always reloads the spare magazine and the other on gets to shoot.


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My conclusion of this shooting session

More, more, more! I could make a video like that for 24 hours. Or until the right index finger has blisters from constantly pulling the trigger. Or until the pellets are empty. Well, that could be solved by ordering a few more HERE. 😉

But I promise you that this won’t be my last video about ProX. I don’t want to make you jealous. I just think the shooting videos with Steyr ProX have an incredibly high entertainment value. And if not, then at least I had a lot of fun. 😉

Thank you again for your attention and I hope you enjoy my video now!

Best regards and stay healthy!

Yours, Andi

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