Air Pistol

How can I store air guns?

As an air gun shooter, you must ensure that your air gun is protected from being carried away. In recent years, I have been asked incredibly often how to store air guns. I decided to make a post and a video about it. I try to give practical tips but also take a closer look at the legal side.

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BO Hitman Air Pistol Carbine – My test and review

BO Hitman is an air pistol that can be shot as a pistol or with a carbine stock. I have taken a closer look at this interesting model and made this review for you today. This isn’t the first gun I’ve tested from BO Manufacture, though. I have already tested BO Pendleton and BO Quantico.

I’m curious to see how you like today’s test gun and what you think of Hitman.

Especially the plinkers among you should really take a closer look at this pistol. I definitely think it will find a lot of fans in our community.

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Diana p-five air pistol – My test and review

I took my first shots using the mounted rear and front sights. That’s when it showed again. I’m just not good at pistol shooting via open sights. So, I grabbed a reflex sight which made it much better right away. The advantage of the reflex sight is: once you have set it, you only have to focus on the red dot in the display. If it aims exactly on the target, the air pistol hits exactly there. And from then on, Diana p-five proved what it was capable of. The results were getting better and better!

For 69 euros you get a whole lot of shooting fun here! Anyone who hasn’t yet ventured into air pistol shooting and also doesn’t want to spend a lot of money can certainly purchase it without hesitation! The p-five isn’t just for plinking cans. You can make your first steps in pistol shooting here.

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Bada Bang Target – My review

A nice change for at home! Anyone who wants to spice up their shooting range and is looking for an exciting target can consider buying Bada Bang Target. Especially shooters who shoot with an air gun as well as an airsoft gun will benefit from the target. Because there are not too many targets that can be used by both. It is very sturdily built, and I had no problems with the target or the software during my tests.

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Weihrauch HW 44 at the shooting range

I filmed the review of Weihrauch HW 44 many weeks ago and took a closer look at it. The post and video were very well received by readers and viewers. I promised back then that if you were interested, I would make a second video. Today is the day!

Ok, I admit the setup is more than unusual! My point today was not to recreate realistic 10-meter precision shooting, since I’m not really good in that. I wanted to get the maximum precision out of the pistol with the equipment I had available.

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