Air Pistol

Weihrauch HW70 Black Arrow air pistol – My test and review

The model presented today is a classic break-barrel air pistol with a ball lock. This is a proven system that enjoys great popularity. You hold the HW70 by the grip and push the barrel down at the front until it locks into place. Then you load a caliber .177 (4.5 mm) pellet into the barrel and close it.
There are two different versions of the air pistol. I’m testing Weihrauch HW70 Black Arrow today. It doesn’t have open sights and needs to be shot with a scope. You can choose between a pistol scope or a reflex sight, for example. In addition, the pistol has a muzzle brake at the barrel end.

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Diana Chaser CO2 air pistol – My test and review

The Diana Chaser air pistol is available at an absolute bargain price of under 100 euros. Very often, I test high-priced air pistols and air rifles. Now I wanted to know if Chaser can impress me considering the low price. If so, this would be a real recommendation for any plinker and newcomer to the air pistol shooting hobby.
Good precision, 50-60 shots per cartridge, low price. These three aspects aren’t the only reasons to recommend Diana Chaser to beginners. Also, the possibility of attaching accessories such as a silencer, shoulder stock or rifle barrel give the shooter a lot of freedom to have fun with the pistol.

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Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Mark II air pistol – My test and review

A lower recoil compared to a spring-piston air pistol and easy cocking thanks to the clip-on cocking aid are certainly the major advantages of this air pistol. In addition, it is pretty quiet and therefore suitable for attics and basements. The air pistol draws its power from the “Nitro Piston” which gives the name the abbreviation “NP”. This means that no spring is being tensioned while cocking, but rather the nitrogen, which is located in the piston, is being compressed.

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Weihrauch HW44 – My test and review

Weihrauch HW44 is a compressed air gun that works with a cartridge pressure of up to 200 bar. If we take a look at the F version, that is, the version of the pistol with a maximum power of 7.5 joules, the cartridge has an excellent range of 105 shots. The drum magazine, of which two are included, holds a total of 10 rounds in .177 (4.5 mm) caliber. Therefore, 10 complete magazines can be fired before the 50-cc compressed air cartridge has to be refilled.

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Crosman 1377 American Classic air pistol – My test and review

Once again, an inexpensive Crosman product didn’t disappoint me. The gun is mostly made of metal. Only the grip and the part for pumping is made of plastic. The workmanship is good. The power of American Classic can be increased by pumping several times. Crosman 1377 is a dream for modders and for customizing fans.

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