Mercury Chili Camo Special Set – My presentation

Today I’ll show you Mercury Chili Camo. A so-called “ready to use” set. This means that the set includes everything you need to get started in the air rifle hobby.

The set includes a bipod and a 3-9×32 Optima riflescope to which a scope mount is already attached. You also get 100 targets, a can of TopShot pellets, and a sturdy 14×14 bullet trap box.

If you like shooting at cans with your buddies or don’t have any competition ambitions, you can buy this set without hesitation. Whether you want to shoot via rear and front sight, with a scope or with a bipod or without, with this set you can get started on your first attempts.

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FX Impact M3 on the shooting range

Surely you have already seen my review about FX Impact M3 in which I raved about this gun. I had promised you, if there is enough positive feedback, I’ll make a video on the shooting range. Your feedback was positive, so I drove 25 miles (40km) to the range to show you the rifle at a greater distance than the 12y (11m) I have at home. In addition to a precision test at 27y (25m), high-speed shooting of various reactive targets was also on the agenda that day.

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Crosman R1 CO2 .177 (4.5 mm) BB – My test and review

Today I have something really unusual for you: Unusual because I don’t normally test air rifles and pistols with steel BBs. My specialty tends to be pistols and rifles that shoot pellets. However, every now and then I look outside the box and discover products that I simply want to test. That’s now the case.

Frequent readers of my website have already noticed that I have been testing products from Crosman lately. That’s simply because many of them offer an added value and a lot of fun for shooters. Let’s see if Crosman R1 offers the same.

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H&N Dust Devil BBs 4,5mm .177 Kaliber mit Steyr M9-A1 9x19 im Hintergrund

H&N Dust Devil BBs – The Safe Alternative

Why are we talking about the H&N Dust Devil BBs today? Why I don’t like steel BBs I’ve often thought about buying a CO2 pistol for home use. An air pistol with BBs and a …

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