AirGhandi tests Crosman R1!

Today I have something really unusual for you: Unusual because I don’t normally test air rifles and pistols with steel BBs. My specialty tends to be pistols and rifles that shoot pellets. However, every now and then I look outside the box and discover products that I simply want to test. That’s now the case.

Frequent readers of my website have already noticed that I have been testing products from Crosman lately. That’s simply because many of them offer an added value and a lot of fun for shooters. Let’s see if Crosman R1 offers the same.

Technical specifications of Crosman R!

The rifle in caliber .177 (4.5 mm) steel BB is fueled by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. They last for a total of 100 shots.

The CO2 cartridges are loaded into the magazine which also holds 25 BBs. You can remove the magazine from Crosman R1 by pressing the release button on the side.

The barrel is smooth on the inside. That is normal for barrels that shoot steel BBs. A rifled barrel would simply get damaged by the BBs. Moreover, the precision of the BBs wouldn’t increase either.

This is different from lead pellets. They are given a twist by the grooves of the barrel which provides stability.

The rifle is equipped with 4 approx. 9.5” (24 cm) long Weaver rails which are mounted all around the barrel. You have the option of attaching optical accessories such as a reflex sight to them. An AR15 grip, which could be attached by means of a Weaver mount, would also be a useful addition to Crosman R1.

Flashlights and laser pointers etc. are unfortunately prohibited here in Germany. However, you could attach dummies for optical reasons. If you are not from Germany and you are reading this post, please check out the laws of your respective country.

Speaking of laws… In Germany, unlike many other countries, Crosman R1 is only available as a semi-automatic. It’s a whole lot of fun, too. Of course, we are somewhat envious of the USA, where a fully automatic version of the Crosman R1 is available.

Inside, the rifle consists of many metal parts. You immediately notice this in the weight when you hold your R1. The casing on the outside, on the other hand, is made of high-quality and lightweight plastic.

Shooting Crosman R1

Once you have selected single shot, inserted the magazine in the rifle and loaded it with CO2 cartridges and BBs, you are ready to go.

Quickly pull back the loading lever and then fire!

The trigger is quite stiff. I measured a trigger weight of 134 oz (3800 g) Nevertheless, you can quickly shoot the BBs. I think it’s great that Crosman includes a speed loader that works great. Refilling the empty magazine with BBs takes only a few seconds from removal from the rifle to being ready again! That makes the plinker heart happy.

As you can see in the video, the two cartridges can fire about 100 shots before you have to change them.

The blowback effect, which is great, also requires a certain amount of CO2. It makes shooting feel incredibly realistic. You’ll love it.

The stock is adjustable. It can be adjusted to the shooter in a total of 6 positions. This is easily done by pressing the switch under the stock and pulling it to the desired length.

I mounted a Hawke reflex sight for shooting. Since I sit directly under a lamp when shooting at my range at home, it reflected in my safety glasses. I could barely see the front sight through the aperture sight like that. For the shooting test, however, I wanted to get the maximum of precision out of it. That’s why I mounted Hawke’s 3MOA reflex sight on the upper Weaver rail. Now it is easy to aim at the center of the target.

If you need advice on optics for your air rifle, feel free to contact me. I can offer you great products at great prices.

My conclusion of Crosman R1

The best reviews for me are always the ones where I just didn’t expect anything at all beforehand, and then I get such a kick out of them that I can barely contain myself. That was the case today with Crosman R1.

Normally, I hardly ever shoot rifles and pistols that shoot steel BBs at my range. They always fly around the apartment and destroy something.

This time I just enjoyed it so much that I didn’t care about all my principles and loaded magazine after magazine.

What is most important, however, is to wear safety glasses. Without them, it’s simply crazy.

My son has now a lot of fun picking up hundreds of little steel balls in my attic.

For anyone who is aware of the circumstances of shooting steel BBs, R1 is a clear recommendation! It’s just so incredibly fun. I hope you can see this in my video.

How do you like Crosman R1?

Do you have any CO2 rifles at home?

Thank you for visiting my website!

I hope you’ll find some other interesting post on here.

Have a nice day!

Yours, Andi

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Technical data

  • Total length: 25.9 – 29.1” (66 – 74 cm)
  • Caliber: .177” (4.5 mm) BB
  • System: CO2
  • Magazine capacity: 25 shots
  • Weight: 6.04 lbs. (2740 g)


My conclusion

What I like:

Practically non-stop shooting fun thanks to the speed loader, great blowback effect

What I don’t like:

Hard to use indoors because of steel BBs



Recommended for:



approx. 350 €


Here I test the precision at a distance of 11m while the gun sits on a gun rest. The more stars, the better the precision.


Handling is the overall rating of how the rifle can be handled by the shooter. This includes transport, cocking and loading the rifle, handling in prone, kneeling, and standing positions as well as weight and recoil.

Material / Processing:

The materials used and their processing are evaluated here.


The price is approximate and can of course vary depending on the model.

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