The best air gun and the best optics will not help you if you use bad ammunition. There is a wide range of pellets on the market. Not every pellet is suitable for every distance or purpose. I’ve compared flat head as well as round head diabolo pellets. You can take a closer look at them here. I also show you the different types of pellets. Every rifle is different and many barrels like certain pellet types better than others. So you”ll have to experiment on your own. However, you will find suggestions for your initial selection here.

ZAN Slugs in Germany

ZAN Slugs in Germany!

Once again I present you a new highlight on the German market!

The air rifle fans among you who also watch international YouTube channels have surely heard about ZAN Slugs. It is a Slovenian manufacturer that has gained a lot of international attention in the last year. I have been in contact with Zan Sude, the owner of ZAN Slugs, almost exactly a year ago. We talked a bit back then and he sent me a couple of sample packs of his slugs.

I tested these in various rifles throughout the year, and was absolutely taken with the quality and consistency, as well as the build quality.

Now, one year later, we have talked again and decided together that we will offer ZAN Slugs on the German market.

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Presslug – Make your own slugs!

I have researched the market and have tested countless slugs in many rifles with a wide variety of results. When trying to find the right slugs for your gun with your power settings, you have to rely on what the pellet manufacturers have to offer. But with your own slug press, you can decide what weights and build lengths you want. Thanks to the Presslug, you can make them exactly as you want them.

The quality of the produced slugs is outstanding. While I don’t have an extremely high-end scale, it is clearly evident that the tolerance on the measurements and weights is extremely small. This is of course especially important if you want to achieve the best results. In my measurements, the tolerance between each slug was a few 1/1000 of a gram. Therefore, you no longer need to weigh the slugs. You can absolutely rely on the quality and precision of the Presslug.

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Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting SigSauer Kilo 1800 Aztec Optics Emerald Huggett Belita AirGhandi´s Finest

Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting with AirGhandi’s Finest

The shooting ranges are open again, I have my Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting back, and my AirGhandi’s Finest pellets are finally available. It’s great that everything can be combined. Where does this Steyr LG110 HFT …

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H&N Dust Devil BBs 4,5mm .177 Kaliber mit Steyr M9-A1 9x19 im Hintergrund

H&N Dust Devil BBs – The Safe Alternative

Why are we talking about the H&N Dust Devil BBs today? Why I don’t like steel BBs I’ve often thought about buying a CO2 pistol for home use. An air pistol with BBs and a …

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