Presslug – Make your own slugs!

Today, I’ll show you how to make your own slugs with the Presslug!

Slugs have become an absolute hype among air rifle shooters in the last 1-2 years! If you watch air rifle YouTube videos in English, you’ll often see shooters using slugs to shoot at long distances, sometimes over 100 yards. The slugs have a very good ballistic coefficient, which makes it possible to achieve good results at these distances.

Slugs are also popular for hunting pests (which is prohibited in Germany).

Make your own slugs with the Presslug

I have researched the market and have tested countless slugs in many rifles with a wide variety of results. When trying to find the right slugs for your gun with your power settings, you have to rely on what the pellet manufacturers have to offer. But with your own slug press, you can decide what weights and build lengths you want. Thanks to the Presslug, you can make them exactly as you want them.

I’ll show you three different tools in my video today. One is the mold for lead. You can use it to turn molten lead from old, shot pellets back into small lead casts, which you then turn into slugs in the press. This way you also have influence on the exact composition of the lead you use.

Presslug Cut is a tool to cut lead wire into small lead cylinders. These can then be formed into slugs in the Presslug press.

How the Presslug press works

Setting up and adjusting the Presslug press is quite simple. Practically all parts are pre-assembled except for the inserts for the desired caliber. You should just find a table or workbench to which you attach the press. This is done easily and conveniently with the supplied screws.

The pressing process itself is also amazingly simple. You can generate a lot of pressure through the long lever and thus press the lead into shape quickly and comfortably.

The inserts are available in caliber 4.5mm (.177), 5.5mm (.22), 6.35mm (.25) and 7.62mm (.30). They can be optionally purchased in addition to the press. Changing the inserts is simple. On the left and right side of the press housing are the necessary tools. They are attached by a magnet and are therefore always handy.

The precision of the Presslug

The quality of the produced slugs is outstanding. While I don’t have an extremely high-end scale, it is clearly evident that the tolerance on the measurements and weights is extremely small. This is of course especially important if you want to achieve the best results. In my measurements, the tolerance between each slug was a few 1/1000 of a gram. Therefore, you no longer need to weigh the slugs. You can absolutely rely on the quality and precision of the Presslug.

I made slugs in caliber .22 (5.5mm) for my Weihrauch HW100 and in caliber .25 (6.35mm) for my Edgun Leshiy 2. I was extremely pleased with the results! With my Leshiy 2 I had a shot grouping of about 1.2″ (3 cm) at a distance of 82 yards (75 m). The slugs weighed 0.08 oz (2.46 grams). The two rifles are predestined for self-made slugs.

My conclusion

The slugs of the Presslug are primarily suitable for powerful air rifles. You have to find out for yourself which slug is the best for your barrel. I don’t know of any air rifle, regardless of manufacturer, where you can make a blanket determination as to which slugs to use.

I used RedWolf Slugs, which were recommended in several videos, with my Daystate. They didn’t work well for me at all.

However, it’s precisely the testing that is extremely fun. Any shooter who just wants to shoot is certainly not a customer for a Presslug. The hobbyists among you, who want to get the maximum out of their setups and who, like me, have been carried away by the hype about slugs, are the customers for a Presslug.

If you invest the money, you will definitely have a product for life. I don’t see anything on the press that could break. This is certainly the reason the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on their product.

If you want to buy a Presslug, you can do so at my partners from or There you get of course also the needed lead wire.

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Have you looked into this topic in more detail?

Thank you for reading!

Now have fun with my video:


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Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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    1. They have new DIEs. Just contact them over the contact form. I think they have something!

  1. Danie Terblanche

    Good day,

    Could you please indicate whare one could purchase the PressSlug and separate die sets for diferent calibres?

    Your help will be appreciated.

    Danie Terblanche
    South Africa


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