Mercury Chili Camo Special Set – My presentation

Today I’ll show you Mercury Chili Camo. A so-called “ready to use” set. This means that the set includes everything you need to get started in the air rifle hobby.

The set includes a bipod and a 3-9×32 Optima riflescope to which a scope mount is already attached. You also get 100 targets, a can of TopShot pellets, and a sturdy 14×14 bullet trap box.

If you like shooting at cans with your buddies or don’t have any competition ambitions, you can buy this set without hesitation. Whether you want to shoot via rear and front sight, with a scope or with a bipod or without, with this set you can get started on your first attempts.

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Weihrauch HW 100 T – My presentation

Today I show you Weihrauch HW 100 T!

A compressed air rifle designed and manufactured in Mellrichstadt, Germany. I did a detailed review of the Weihrauch HW 100 earlier.

Today’s rifle is the same in terms of the system, but with a standard barrel with a silencer thread and a thumbhole stock. And that’s what I present to you now.

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Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia – My presentation of the special edition model

Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia is a strictly limited rifle of the Diana 34 EMS series. I will show it to you today and of course I will also shoot the rifle.

I’ve done a review on the classic model of Diana 34 EMS in the past and presented you the special Diana 34 EMS Legion model. Those of you who haven’t read the posts and seen the videos yet are welcome to do so later.

Now have fun with Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia!

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Weihrauch HW80 SL – My presentation

I was able to take a closer look at Weihrauch HW80 SL at the Weihrauch booth. The new stock design immediately caught my eye. Today, shortly after IWA 2022, I’m proud to present you this novelty in my studio.

First of all, I was totally shocked when I heard about Weihrauch HW80 SL. I was worried that it would replace the popular HW80. But fortunately, the new model only complements the previous one. As we know, tastes are different. Just as I’m happy about the new design, there are definitely many shooters who would rather buy a HW80 with the original and proven design.

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Out-takes! A funny video at the end of the year

As you can imagine, a film shoot doesn’t always run smoothly and without mistakes. I also have my bad or unfocused days, so I sometimes confuse things or make a mistake. Dirk then always cuts out the so-called out-takes or we reshoot specific scenes. After all, your time is precious! I don’t want to waste your time with unnecessary mistakes or constant repetitions.

Dirk told me at one point that he had saved a lot of funny scenes over the last two years. I have now asked him to make a video out of it.

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