DonnyFL Shroud 250mm and 350mm for Edgun Leshiy 2

Today I’ll show you the DonnyFL Shroud for Edgun Leshiy 2. Together with a DonnyFL Ronin, you are able to turn your Edgun Leshiy 2 into a great looking air rifle that is also quieter than the one with the original silencer. I have tested the different combinations for you to give you an overview of the noise levels.

Which combination you choose is up to you. That’s the nice thing: hardly any modified Leshiy looks like the other. Because of the great layout, there are a lot of different ways to customize your rifle.

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Saber Tactical – The best FX Dreamline!

Over the last few months, I had tested all the stocks for FX Dreamline without exception. Whether it’s the Aeron stock, JetAir, or the stocks you can buy directly from FX Airguns. Today I’ll show you an absolutely outstanding and versatile setup of my FX Dreamline! The Saber Tactical Dreamline! But what makes the Saber Tactical stock so special?

The Saber Tactical stock is different. The rifle can be held excellently in a standing position. The cheek piece is adjustable just like the butt plate. The latter can even be tilted and adjusted in length and height. In addition, you have the option to store the gun in a very compact transport case thanks to the foldable stock.

Benchrest shooters have the option of attaching a bipod to the ARCA Rail or Picatinny mount. Shooters who like to use a tripod can also use the ARCA Rail to mount the rifle. A fore-end rest can also be attached via the ARCA Rail for Field Target or Hunter Field Target.

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Pistolen Karabiner Weihrauch HW45 Diana LP8 von vorne

Weihrauch HW45 and Diana LP8 pistol carbine

You can turn your air pistol into a small rifle easily and quickly. You only have two screws that you have to loosen to mount the gun stock. You can switch between pistol and pistol carbine that quickly. Even with the stock attached, the pistol remains nice and compact and easy to carry. Higher precision is thus very easy to achieve. You have the option of buying the carbine stock either with an adjustable cheek piece, or if you want to continue shooting via the open sights you can save yourself a few more bucks and opt for a fixed cheek piece.

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AirGhandi Waffenpflege klein

AirGhandi’s gun care products – High-end quality

When it comes to my own brand in particular, I set the highest standards and the highest quality for myself and the products. I have carefully built up the name AirGhandi over the last few years. The most important factors were reliability, honesty and a desire to deliver the highest possible quality. In addition to my pellets, which have already found many fans, I’ve now been given the opportunity to sell high-quality gun care products with my name on them.

Today I’m incredibly proud to present to you the AirGhandi gun care products! The past weeks were full of hard work, arrangements, and decisions for Adrian Ostermayer and all the other people involved in the production and design of the products. Now the products are finished and can be ordered!

In the video about the AirGhandi gun care products, Adrian Ostermayer, who came over from Switzerland just for this video, answers all questions.

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Eagle Vision Cam Side-Cam Adapter mit Hawke Airmax 6-24x50 nahaufnahme

Eagle Vision Cam – Side-Cam Adapter – My Review

Today I will show you my new side-cam adapter from Eagle Vision Cam. Why do you need a side-cam adapter? You probably know the videos of famous YouTubers in which you can look through the …

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