ZAN Slugs in Germany!

Once again I present you a new highlight on the German market!

The air rifle fans among you who also watch international YouTube channels have surely heard about ZAN Slugs. It is a Slovenian manufacturer that has gained a lot of international attention in the last year. I have been in contact with Zan Sude, the owner of ZAN Slugs, almost exactly a year ago. We talked a bit back then and he sent me a couple of sample packs of his slugs.

I tested these in various rifles throughout the year, and was absolutely taken with the quality and consistency, as well as the build quality.

Now, one year later, we have talked again and decided together that we will offer ZAN Slugs on the German market.

What has happened since then?

Like us, Zan Sude is also very busy and diligent. He certainly didn’t rest on the quality and assortment of a year ago. Quite the opposite. Meanwhile, the slugs are available in calibers 4.5mm (.177), 5.5mm (.22), 6.35mm (.25) as well as 7.62mm (.30). We will offer them in all calibers for you.

Especially shooters of the German version of AEA HP max will be happy, because soon ZAN Slugs will also be available in caliber 9mm (.35) in our online store. I believe that these will then be the bullets that have the highest penetration and the best ballistic properties. Distances of 100-200 meters are then no longer a problem with such slugs – provided the appropriate performance of the rifle.

Which rifles are suitable for ZAN slugs?

It’s important to say right away that this cannot be answered easily.

In principle, I would have said that slugs are more precise in polygon barrels than in rifled barrels, however, I’ve disproved that myself many times. My Edgun Leshiy 2 as well as my Weihrauch HW100 (50 joules) shoot great with slugs despite having rifled barrels. Other rifles absolutely struggle.

However, shot groupings often differ with even minimal changes in the speed at which the slugs leave the barrel. 5 meters more or less can make all the difference here.

Slugs are quite different from pellets. Many rifles shoot well to very well regardless of which pellets are used. These empirical values, however, generally can’t be applied to slugs. You really need to do your own testing.

Why should I use slugs then?

Slugs have a much better ballistic coefficient compared to pellets. Meaning, if they fly correctly, they are very stable and precise at much greater distances.

While many pellets (provided the performance of the rifle) stop at 70-100m, slugs perform excellently well beyond that. There are videos on the Internet in which they’re used to shoot precisely at over 200 meters.

I think in the last few years, slugs have been one of the most important inventions in air rifle shooting. Not only hunters appreciate the excellent precision and penetrating power.

Like everywhere else, there are of course differences in the quality of slugs. One brand that has absolutely come to the fore and made a very good name for itself is ZAN Slugs.

I’m absolutely proud to be able to offer you these exclusively in my store at This makes us the only dealer in Germany and one of the very few in Europe.

EDgun Leshiy 2 with ZAN Slugs

If you watch my video, you’ll see how my EDgun Leshiy 2 performs in 7.5 joules with ZAN Slugs (23 grain, 5.5mm). With this output, it would be more precise with pellets. However, if you have a Leshiy with a higher output, things look quite different. Even long distances can be mastered with the utmost precision then.


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Personally, I’m having so much fun using those slugs. These are packaged excellently and with high quality. Each slug is individually protected, that even during long transportation nothing at all can go wrong and the slugs won’t be damaged.

My conclusion

I’m proud and happy!

I’m thrilled to be able to add these new slugs to our already good, high-quality line of products.

The handling, the outstanding quality and the good results that characterize ZAN Slugs are absolutely great.

Browse through my store at and take a look at the extensive range.

Of course, you can ask me questions and write a feedback in the store. I would be very happy about that!

Thank you for your time!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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