Anschütz 9015 Sniper is probably the most precise air rifle I own. I have already proven this to you several times.

In addition to the review, I went to the shooting range for a trick shot video and did a shooting test at 50 meters.

Today I took a few shells and shot them one after the other at 25m.

Tips for shooting with Anschütz 9015 Sniper

In order to fire precise shots with a gun, you have to make sure that you hold it as steady as possible. Placing it on your hand can already be too wobbly. Especially if you have a scope with high magnification, you can see your own pulse in the glass.

This movement makes it hard to hit the target perfectly. With a lot of training, of course, you can always wait for just the right moment of your pulse rate and then pull the trigger. But of course it is easier to stabilize the weapon in a different way. Either on a sandbag or even better on a bipod.

I have what I consider to be the best bipod attached to my rifle. An Accu-Tac WB-04. A bipod made in the USA that was actually made for firearms. It is incredibly sturdy and of extremely high quality. The gun remains firmly in position, and nothing really moves at the front.

The riflescope I use today is an Element Helix 6-24×50 FFP. I showed it to you in THIS REVIEW.

Now, of course, it’s time to stabilize the buttstock. Professional shooters probably just place it on the shoulder. However, then again you have the problem of having to control your own pulse. In this case, too, it is easier to work with a firm rest. So, you have to use a buttstock rest.

If you don’t want to use a bipod, you can get the front and rear rest that we offer in our store This solution is way cheaper. Not quite as steady, but with a bit of practice, that’s enough for precise shots.

The pellets

There are countless different pellets. It’s not always easy to find out which type best suits your gun. I myself have probably about 50 different ones just in caliber .177 / 4.5 mm.

With my test guns, of course, I don’t try out each one individually. Over time, you find a few types that basically perform well in all guns. This way, you have a narrower selection and can at least limit your search for the best pellets.

The most universally suitable ones are round head pellets from Qiang Yuan. I now prefer to use these in addition to AirGhandi´s Finest.

The quality in manufacturing and the accuracy with which the Chinese pellets are made is truly outstanding. One pellet looks like the other. You can reach blindly into the box without running the risk of getting a damaged pellet.

This saves a lot of time and you will gain trust in the pellets.



My conclusion

I’m just thrilled every time I pick up my Anschütz 9015 Sniper. The 5065 4K trigger alone is the world’s best mechanical trigger in my opinion. You realize the quality as soon as you pull another trigger again.

I don’t even know where to begin and where to stop. For me, 9015 Sniper is simply one of the most outstanding rifles I’ve ever gotten my hands on.

If you want maximum precision, if you are an attic sniper and want to shoot the smallest targets with the utmost precision, then there is practically no way around Anschütz 9015 Sniper.

Moreover, in order to be able to shoot it in your apartment or house, we offer a silencer adapter. After all, with an attached silencer, you practically don’t hear the rifle at all.

If you don’t like the black aluminum version, you can also get the rifle with a wooden stock.

What is your most precise rifle?

Do you use a rest or do you shoot your gun standing?

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Thank you for your attention and see you next week!

Best regards!

Yours, Andi

more pictures

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