Tuning kit installation in Weihrauch HW30 S

A tuning kit for a spring-loaded air rifle is designed to further optimize the shooting feel and accuracy. It’s not a matter of increasing the power.

We want to tune the rifle to the permitted performance limit and then optimize it so that the handling and shooting feel are perfect.

Over the years I have bought many tuning kits from different manufacturers. Only a few have delivered what I initially expected from them.

Sometimes the power was too high, then I had to disassemble the rifle again and shorten the spring. Sometimes the power was too low. I even had a tuning kit that didn’t allow me to cock the rifle since the spring and / or the spring guides were too long. One tuning kit had a spring guide that didn’t slide into the spring. The two parts were probably never tested together. All those kits weren’t cheap either.

For me, this was quite annoying, as I’m not really a handyman and was always happy when the rifle was reassembled. If the rifle then performs worse than it did before, the tuning has failed.

The AirJoe Tuning Kit

However, I have not given up my search. The price wasn’t necessarily important to me. It was more important to me that there was a noticeable improvement after the installation and that I wasn’t left alone in case of questions.

That’s why I’m so happy now that I discovered the AirJoe Tuning Kit. After installation, it met all the requirements that I expect from a tuning kit: Excellent performance, great shooting feel and amazing accuracy.

The video of the Tuning Kit installation

To take away your fear or many questions about the installation of the tuning kit, I have made a video together with Michael, in which the individual steps from disassembly to assembly are shown. We installed the kit in my Weihrauch HW30 S and filmed it. Now enjoy the video:


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Of course, the tuning kit for Weihrauch HW30 S won’t be the only one we will offer at www.jabolo.de. Many other Weihrauch air rifle models will be added over time. Kits are already available for Weihrauch HW35, Weihrauch HW77/97 and Weihrauch HW30 S. They are available in different power levels. Just have a look in my store. If you have tested one of these kits, I would be happy if you would leave a short feedback in the store. This way you can share your experience with other customers.

Have you read my review of the AirJoe Tuning trigger? This is another way to further tune your Weihrauch spring-piston air rifle.

Have you ever disassembled a spring-piston air rifle?

Or do you rather use PCP air rifles?

Thank you for visiting and have fun on my blog!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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2 thoughts on “Tuning kit installation in Weihrauch HW30 S”

  1. Natale Stefano

    Buongiorno, su jabolo.de non trovo il kit per la HW30 <7,5J.
    Hallo, auf jabolo.de kann ich den Bausatz f├╝r den HW30 <7,5J nicht finden.

    1. Hallo,
      die werden leider nicht mehr hergestellt ­čÖü
      Liebe Gr├╝├če


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