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I love what I do!

Every week, I receive emails from people telling me that, thanks to my videos and posts, they have taken up air gun shooting as a hobby.

One of my most loyal viewers and readers is 85 years young. He gives me feedback on all my videos, photos, and blog posts without exception. He dedicates his time to me and my work!

Every month, more than 45.000 different viewers watch my 239 videos on YouTube. This is currently an average of over 120,000 hits per month. There were more than 200,000 page views in the first year! Throughout the last five years, the community has been incredibly helpful and nice on all my channels. Social media is frequently the source of disputes and hostility. Over the years, I hardly experienced any of this on my channels, despite having more than 7,000 comments.

Every day, I reply to dozens of nice emails, comments, and posts. I love what I do!

This was supposed to be just a fun project. Now it is much more than I’ve ever dreamed of. I spend almost all my free time with you! I love what I do!

Ultimately, I want AirGhandi to be my job.

What’s the situation?

My homepage went online in 2019. It was supported by three dealers who placed advertising banners on the site. Unfortunately, this failed to provide my partners with the desired success. We decided to stop the cooperation. In mid 2019, my advertising revenue decreased by more than 50%.

But one thing is particularly important to me! I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who supports me on Tipeee and via Paypal! You are great!

My main job is rather relaxed. I have a lot to do, but I don’t have to work hard mentally. That is important in order to work between 2 to 4 hours a day for my hobby. Unfortunately, this job dosn’t allow me to make a living and to cover the costs listed below:

I pay for server hosting, server maintenance, multiple plugin licenses, and Vimeo memory space. That alone costs more than 1,500 Euro per year. On top of that, I have spent more than 12,000 Euros over the last five years for film equipment, lighting, software licenses, travel costs, air guns, and equipment that I tested and sold at a loss.

Now, I have many engaged helpers. I have someone who takes care of the data protection of my online presence, a programmer whom I pay monthly for maintenance and additional project-related payments. He is worth every cent because he does excellent work. I have a colleague who helps me in situations where I can’t film or photograph myself.

I have also outsourced the accounting and tax support. Every product I receive, every box of pellets given to me must be clearly stated in the tax. Personally, I don’t have the time or the knowledge to handle everything properly and legally correct.

All helpers are getting paid. Of course, these people have also done me many favors over the years. But I cannot and will not expect them to sacrifice their free time for something they have absolutely no use for.

The dilemma

It cannot continue like this. There is nothing left to provide for the future and retirement. Of course, I have the possibility to look for a better paid job. However, I’m sure you know when you are very busy at work, a lot of energy is used up in the evening. As soon as I get home, I spend another two hours with my son until he goes to bed.

To be able to concentrate for several more hours, to reply to questions and to be creative is almost impossible. On the weekends I exclusively spend time with my family.

Should I just give up everything I have worked for several thousand hours over the last five years?


A potential solution

I will now try to cooperate with manufacturers for one year. I don’t want you, the community, to have to pay for everything. Not everybody can or wants to do so and I don’t want to beg anymore. I guess some viewers are upset about this anyways.

Putting all the costs on the dealers doesn’t work either. Each of you has to keep an eye on your budget. Many of you have no other choice but to look for the lowest price on the Internet and buy it there. Dealers who pay for their advertisements on my site have to add the advertisement costs on the products. Then they are at a disadvantage compared to others who do not have to pay these costs.

This is where the manufacturers come into the picture.

Manufacturers benefit from the fact that I show and promote their products. They make great guns and equipment which is why they get money from you.

I think it is only fair if they support my work and therefore their advertising. I will try to get sponsored videos in the future.

What are sponsored or paid videos?

My opinion can’t be bought.

I have worked hard for five years to get the trust of each and every one of you! I have achieved this only with reliability and honesty. I will not damage or jeopardize that trust. The last few years would otherwise be wasted lifetime.

I just want to give the manufacturers the opportunity to buy my time. A video with a blog post, photo series and answers to all questions and comments can quickly consume 15 to 30 hours. On top of that comes my personal reach, which I have worked hard for with persistence over the last five years.

THAT is exactly what I want to get paid for.

I’d rather risk that someone who requested a video from me is not satisfied with my opinion in the end.
I would rather disappoint one person than disappoint thousands.

What will change for you readers / viewers?

Nothing at all!

There will still be videos, posts and photos about air guns and accessories that are interesting for me and hopefully also for you.

I will also broaden my range a bit. That means that I will also show permit-free weapons, but the main focus will always be on air guns.

An English website is also already in the plans.

How do you feel about that?

Now that I have revealed practically everything, explained the situation, shared my opinion and my viewpoints, I ask you for your thoughts! This is important to me!

I’m aware that I can’t expect everyone to understand how I feel about this. But I have decided to take this step nevertheless, because I will not jeopardize the project “AirGhandi”.

I’m looking forward to your comments!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
Yours, Andi

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