By now, many viewers have seen my review of Diana Mauser K98 PCP. There’s a lot of talk and discussion about the air rifle in the community. In the past year, I was often asked if I could make another video about K98 PCP and shoot it at a longer distance.

Therefore, I borrowed the rifle once again from to make a few more shots with it for you. I packed up all my equipment and went with Dirk to the shooting range.

The setup of K98 PCP

For the shooting test, I put together a great setup. I used the Sportsmatch UK TO35C mount. I have tested the Sportsmatch mounts for over 1 year on all my air rifles and I’m absolutely impressed. The processing of them is outstanding. The materials as well as the screws used are excellent. These features and the lifetime warranty have led me to import the mounts to Germany and offer them to you.

The scope I use is the Hawke Airmax Compact 3-12×40. A great scope that has become my absolute favorite in this price range. The compact dimensions, the fast lenses and the delicate reticle are the most important reasons why I like the glass so much. Just like the mount, you can purchase the scope directly from me.

To find out the precision of an air rifle, I prefer to use a single shot adapter. K98 PCP has one included in the scope of delivery. This way, you don’t risk a pellet being crushed by the spring in the magazine.

The shooting conditions on this day

After it had been raining for weeks and I always coordinate my schedule with Dirk, my cameraman and editor, the weather was finally good, and we went to the range. I don’t know how many times we had to reschedule. But I was determined to show the shooting test at a longer distance. You have already seen the result when I shot the rifle indoors at a distance of 36 ft (11m). Now we want to know what’s possible at 82 ft. (25 meters).

Once outside on the shooting range, the disappointment set in.

It was extremely windy. Not the best conditions to find out how precise an air rifle is. I sighted in the rifle to the new conditions. After Dirk had set up all his equipment, we finally got started:


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My conclusion of shooting K98 PCP

What should I say? There is a reason why there are almost 100,000 views on my review of K98 PCP. The air rifle is extremely good. No wonder it has such a huge fan base.

I was a bit worried the wind would put a damper on my plans. However, I think the result isn’t bad at all. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised at how precise this rather inexpensive unregulated compressed air rifle is.

Shooting it is fun. Cocking is easy to do, and the feel of the bolt action lever and the entire air rifle is great.

With the medium height mount, you can comfortably look through the scope when the rifle is at the ready. This, of course, makes it fun to shoot the rifle.

How did you like the video?

Have you ever had the opportunity to test K98 PCP?

Thank you again for your time!

Have a nice week!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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