Diana Stormrider Hawke Vantage 30 4-16x50 Schalldämpfer

Diana Stormrider – Testing an inexpensive air rifle

Diana Stormrider, an inexpensive air rifle that runs on compressed air.

How can it be that Diana offers such a inexpansive air rifle for 230 euros?

How is the quality of Diana Stormrider?

Has Diana managed to offer price-conscious air rifle shooters a real alternative?

I’ve been asking myself these questions and a few more since IWA 2019 when Diana presented the revised Stormrider and later on launched it for a bargain price of 230 euros. At that point, I knew immediately that I would test the air rifle.

It just took a few months.

First impression of Diana Stormrider

When I took Diana Stormrider out of the box, the first thing I thought was: Wow, it’s light! At 2300 grams, you have an air rifle that can be held comfortably even by younger or weaker shooters. The next thing I noticed was the rear and front sights. Rarely do compressed air rifles give you the option of shooting via open sights. I think that’s great. This way, you can properly get started in the shooting sports without having to buy a scope right away. If you can’t or don’t want to spend that much money at once, then you can just add a scope later on or don’t use one at all. Great idea, great execution.

Diana Stormrider is a simple air rifle that focuses on the essentials. It has a plain stock with checkering on the grip and forend.

The first shots with Diana Stormrider

I quickly unscrewed the rear sight. I had to remove it to mount a scope. To do so, simply unscrew the screw that is also there for the height adjustment. Then you can slide the rear sight off. Be careful, there is a small spring. Don’t lose it!

I mounted a Hawke Vantage 30 4-16×50 scope. After firing the first nine rounds from the drum magazine, the reticle was set correctly. The next two magazines with H&N Field Target Trophy pellets quickly followed.

The bolt action lever, which you have to operate after each shot, is excellent and fits comfortably in the hand. Compared to the first version of Diana Stormrider, it has been improved. It had a metal ball that was nowhere near as comfortable to hold as the new bolt action lever.

I haven’t concentrated much on shooting, but the results were absolutely satisfactory.

The first impression is good!

Accessories for Diana Stormrider

Diana Stormrider has a split 11 mm prism rail. It isn’t that long. However, it was no problem at all for me to mount my scope and look through it comfortably. The air rifle comes with a single-shot adapter and also a 9-shot drum magazine. This gives you a lot of flexibility when shooting. The 200-bar system is unregulated. However, if you want, you can buy a regulator for about 85 euros and install it quite easily. Then you have a way to provide Diana Stormrider with a lot of consistency.


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My conclusion of Diana Stormrider

Diana really nailed it – 230 euros for a compressed air rifle. Of course, it’s not made in Germany; unfortunately, at this price, it’s not feasible. However, we can see from this example that this doesn’t necessarily always have to be negative. The fact that it occasionally jerks when repeating or that the stock is not made of an exceptional walnut wood can certainly be dismissed. The price is simply far too impressive for that.

Soon I will show you how to install a regulator on your Diana Stormrider. Of course, we will find out together beforehand whether this is necessary.

Thank you so much for your time. Feel free to recommend my website to others.

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

Interesting link:

Do you already know my international YouTube channel? HERE you will find videos of more powerful air rifles in English.

Technical data

  • Total length: 38.58” (98 cm)
  • Barrel length: 18.89” (48 cm)
  • Weight: 5.07 lbs. (2300 g)
  • System: compressed air, 200 bar
  • Magazine capacity: 1/9 shot (both included)
  • Safety: manual
  • Trigger: DIT (Diana Diana Improved Trigger)
  • Optics: rear sight and front sight, 11 mm prism rail for a scope
  • Tank volume: 3.38 fl. oz (100 ml)


My conclusion

What I like:

Very inexpensive entry into the compressed air rifle technology, regulator can be added, very light, can be shot via rear sight and front sight

What I don’t like:

No regulator, very fiddly filling the magazine



Recommended for:

plinkers, price-conscious shooters


approx. 230 €


Here I test the precision at a distance of 11m while the gun sits on a gun rest. The more stars, the better the precision.


Handling is the overall rating of how the rifle can be handled by the shooter. This includes transport, cocking and loading the rifle, handling in prone, kneeling, and standing positions as well as weight and recoil.

Material / Processing:

The materials used and their processing are evaluated here.


The price is approximate and can of course vary depending on the model.

3 thoughts on “Diana Stormrider – Testing an inexpensive air rifle”

  1. Hi Andi,

    I was wondering about the number of shots per fill in the sub 7.5J version actually.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Robert,
      i think in the full Power Version you get 20-30 per fill!
      Best regards!

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