Huggett Belita und FX Pocket Chronograph auf Steyr LG110 HFT Hunting

Why is everyone making such a hype about the FX Pocket Chronograph? Up to now, I couldn’t understand it at all. It doesn’t even have a display and just looks like a small grey plastic box. Surely it can’t keep up with my AirChrony MK3. Or can it?

What do you get for your money?

When you open the packaging of the FX Chrony, a little disillusionment sets in. 180 Euro for a small plastic box and a small additional tripod adapter? That seems a bit over the top at first.

I had received the chrony from my partner Benke Sport and had had it for two weeks before I unpacked it. I received it together with the other new products and items I wanted to test. Then one evening, I decided that I should have a look at it. I already downloaded the free app that is available for Android and iOS and configured the few settings.

The chronograph is equipped with a mounting bracket which makes it possible to attach it to the barrel or, as in my case, to the silencer by simply using rubber bands. Included in the delivery is also a tripod adapter which can be attached instead of the barrel mount.

Then you can mount the chrony also on a small tripod. When setting it up, you have to pay attention to the alignment. It has to be positioned exactly in the direction of the end of the barrel in order to capture the passing pellets accurately.

I think the attachment at the barrel is much more practical. The chrony is quickly mounted and you can start.

The mechanics of the FX Pocket chronograph

Unlike almost all other chronys, the speed of the chrony is not measured by light but by radar. This works very well. I connected the chrony to the app via Bluetooth within seconds and fired the first shots.

I have set the units to meters/second and joules.
Every shot is recorded and can be deleted from the list if you miss a shot or make a correction. At the end, the overall result can also be saved in the app.

For the operation of the chrony, 3x Micro (AAA) batteries are required.

My conclusion of the FX Pocket chronograph

I didn’t think that another chrony could ever be a threat to my AirChrony MK3. But the handiness, compactness, and the direct and uncomplicated transfer of the data to the smartphone make my AirChrony look outdated really fast. For someone like me who uses a chrony very often and always has to take it to the shooting range etc. this is very practical.

If you only shoot at home, then this aspect of mobility is certainly not as important. I don’t think I can completely replace my AirChrony. With CO2 pistols or some airsoft weapons it is in my opinion even more practical. But for the mobile use of an air rifle, the FX Pocket chronograph is extremely practical. I think it has earned a permanent place in my gun case. The advantage of AirChrony for someone like me, who wants to record his results on video, is obviously the display.

Two chronies are certainly luxury, but I don’t want to miss my FX Chrony anymore. It is just too convenient for many purposes.

Now I wish you lots of fun with my video. I’m looking forward to your feedback!


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Best wishes
Yours, Andi

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