Today I present you the Weihrauch HW77 K Special Edition! A special model of the well-known Weihrauch HW77.

We will look at what makes the rifle special but will also talk about the rifle in general. After all, this is one of the most popular air rifles in Germany. What makes HW77 so special?

Weihrauch HW77

Weihrauch HW77 and the shorter model HW77 K are spring-piston air rifles with a fixed barrel.

The fixed barrel has a particular advantage over break-barrel air rifles. Longer scopes can be easily mounted on this rifle. With break-barrel air rifles, you can attach a scope at most up to just in front of the barrel joint. Then the scope doesn’t interfere with loading.

Weihrauch HW77 K has a loading gate. Theoretically, you can have a scope extend beyond it. The loading gate is open at the top and to the right side. With a little dexterity, you can even load pellets into a rifle that has a long scope attached. But that would be a very long scope.

HW77 K is the sister model to Weihrauch HW97. The difference is for one thing the open sights which HW77 K has. HW97 can only be shot with a mounted scope.

The rifle comes from the factory with a stock that has a raised cheek piece. This has the advantage that despite the higher line of sight of HW97, you can comfortably hold the rifle in a shooting position. The cheek piece of HW77 K is designed for open sights and is most comfortable to shoot this way. However, it is of course still possible to shoot the rifle with a scope. It can be mounted with a scope mount on the 11mm prism rail.

The stock of Weihrauch HW77 K Special Edition

The special thing about HW77 Special Edition is definitely the stock. It’s a laminated wood stock made of brown, green, and blue wood. I haven’t had an air rifle in this color combination before. I really like it. The colors have a hunting feel to me. I think this comes from the use of the green wood.

Shooting with HW77 K Special Edition

As with all Weihrauch air rifles, HW77 K Special Edition is extremely fun to shoot! Since I’ve already done a review of HW77, I don’t have to prove anything in terms of precision. That’s why I shoot HW77 today with open sights, i.e., via rear sight and front sight. That the model is beyond reproach is shown by the fact alone that this rifle and its sister model Weihrauch HW97 are used by many competitors.

Cocking the rifle is simple. Once the button under the barrel end has been pressed, the barrel can be pushed down. This works practically without effort. Then you can easily insert the pellet. The breech chamber is quite large in size, so the loading process can be done comfortably.

During the loading process, it is strongly recommended to hold the cocking barrel in spite of the safety catch on the rifle. There are many pictures on the Internet of shooters sustaining finger injuries from having their finger pinched.

Returning the barrel, just like cocking itself, is done completely without scratching and creaking.

Now you just have to deactivate the automatic safety with your thumb, then you can shoot.

The match trigger Rekord is excellently adjusted at the factory. Here you can see that the quality control at Weihrauch works perfectly. No air rifle leaves the factory untested.

You think there’s nothing better in the recreational category than the Weihrauch match trigger Rekord? Yes… There is one better option!

On the model of the outstanding V-Mach trigger, the company AirJoe has developed a new tuning trigger. I had the opportunity to test it and was so impressed that I have listed it in my store

Not only has the trigger weight been significantly reduced, but the trigger blade has also been moved further back. This gives shooters a unique opportunity to take their recreational or competitive Weihrauch rifle to a whole other level. The AirJoe tuning trigger fits all Weihrauch air rifles that use the Weihrauch match trigger Rekord.

Those of you who had the opportunity to own a V-Mach tuning trigger back in the day know exactly what I’m talking about. The owner of V-Mach unfortunately passed away a few years ago, which is why the V-Mach triggers are no longer available. The AirJoe tuning trigger replaces the V-Mach trigger and is at least equal from my point of view.

I’m sure it will find its way into lots and lots of competition air rifles from Weihrauch.

My conclusion

Every shooter who likes to collect rare air rifles and doesn’t have a HW77 K in their gun cabinet yet should get one. As expected, the shooting performance is outstanding. The special stock brings variety to the gun cabinets otherwise filled with brown wood.

Handling is flawless. The workmanship of the rifle is also, as you would expect, without flaws.

For pellets, as with all Weihrauch air rifles, I recommend AirGhandi’s Finest. They work outstandingly well in HW77.



Do you have one or more Weihrauch air rifles at home?

What’s your favorite one?

Thank you for reading!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

4 thoughts on “Weihrauch HW77 K Special Edition – My presentation”

    1. Hello,
      sorry, we don´t sell to India 🙁
      Very sorry about that!
      Best regards!

  1. HI handi i have a weihrauch hw77 i picked it up second hand for a good price i thought it a bit long in the barrel then i watched a vid on utube a young girl fireing her dads hw77 but this looked like a hw97k i read in the comments he had fitted the silencer off a hw97k so i got hold of one and as my end sight was not removable i cut it off with part of the barrel 4 inches then after fileing the end of barrel flush i crowned it then slid on the silencer this still made the barrel look long so i drilled out the inner plate of silencer this allowed the barrel to the end of silencer i then shortened cocking arm fitted a magnet in end of retaning catch job done gun looks great tested at bisley for accuracy spot on at 25 yards scope mtc viper 10×44 pellets rws hobby 11.9 5.52 in 22 the hw77 is a great rifle all the best fred.

    1. Hey Fred,
      wow thanks a lot for your great comment! Very interesting! The HW77 and HW97 are really great rifles! I like them to shoot! Well engineered, great quality. Hope you enjoy your shooting and will come back sometimes to my blog!
      Wish you all the best!

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