Weihrauch HW80 SL – straight from IWA 2022!

Today, shortly after IWA 2022, I’m proud to present you a novelty in my studio.

I was able to take a closer look at the air rifle at the Weihrauch booth. The new stock design immediately caught my eye.

Differences and similarities of the two versions

Fortunately, I own the previous model of Weihrauch HW80 myself. This allowed me to put the two models side by side and compare them directly.

In terms of the system, the two models are absolutely identical. Thank goodness! The previous model is an excellent air rifle which enjoys a lot of appreciation around the world.

Differences can be found when it comes to the stock. On Weihrauch HW80 SL, the cheek piece is now on both sides. This means that left-handed shooters as well as right-handed shooters can now comfortably use the rifle.

On the bottom of the buttstock, similar to the new model of Weihrauch HW30 S, there is a notch. I like this design a lot. It makes the rifle look sleeker.

The checkering on the pistol grip has also been changed. It looks a little rougher now. Additionally, on the fore-end of HW80 SL’s walnut stained beech stock, you will now also find checkering.

At the front of the stock end, the rounding has been replaced by a visually nice edgier end. As a result, the forend has become longer and ends not at the joint, but where the system merges into the barrel.

Overall, the design has become sleeker and more modern. Well done, dear engineers of Weihrauch!

These versions of Weihrauch HW80 SL are available

The new Weihrauch HW80 SL is available in two different versions. For one, there’s the model you see here in the review and in my video. It’s the version with open sights. This model can be shot via rear and front sight as well as with a rifle scope.

The second version lacks the open sights. It can only be shot with a rifle scope. The scope can be mounted on the 11 mm prism rail.

You can buy the rifle in caliber .177 (4.5mm), .20 (5.0mm), .22 (5.5mm), and .25 (6.35mm).

In addition to the F models with 7.5 joules, the rifle is available with up to about 25-27 joules in caliber .22 (5.5mm) and .25 (6.35mm).

My own HW80 is a caliber .22 (5.5mm) with about 25 joules. It’s incredibly fun to shoot. There will be a video about the rifle on my English YouTube channel in the future. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you are welcome to do so.

Weihrauch HW80 and Weihrauch HW80 SL are the most powerful Weihrauch spring-piston air rifles on the market.

The technical specifications of the new model don’t differ from those of the previous model. HW80 SL has an overall length of 45.2” (115cm), a barrel length of 19.6” (50cm), and a weight of 8.8 lbs. (4 kg).

My conclusion of the new Weihrauch HW80 SL

First of all, I was totally shocked when I heard about Weihrauch HW80 SL. I was worried that it would replace the popular HW80. But fortunately, the new model only complements the previous one. As we know, tastes are different. Just as I’m happy about the new design, there are definitely many shooters who would rather buy a HW80 with the original and proven design.

As you can see from my video, the new rifle is definitely absolutely accurate, and you will have a lot of fun shooting it:


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And now it’s your turn: New one or old one? Which one do you like better?

Do you own a Weihrauch air rifle?

If you are looking for accessories for your Weihrauch air rifle, check out my store at www.jabolo.de. There you will find tuning kits and tuning triggers for your HW as well as scopes and scope mounts.

I hope you enjoyed my post and had time to watch the video.

See you next week!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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2 thoughts on “Weihrauch HW80 SL – My presentation”

  1. I prefer the older model:
    1) that notch on the buttstock is pointless: it’s is too shallow for the support hand to grip it when shooting from a rest or bipod. And it looks ugly.
    2) similarly, the swooped end at the front of the stock is ugly and serves no useful purpose. It just adds unnecessary weight.
    3) the ‘one-size-fits-all’ of the double-sided cheekpiece looks ugly and cheap.
    4) while checkering on the front of the stock could have been nice, the panels they’ve done are very small and look cheap. I would rather have no chequering than bad chequering. Stippling of the entire pistol grip and forestock would have been a good choice.

    1. Hey Lawrence,
      thanks a lot for your visit and your comment! It is so great, that everybody likes other things. The older model will exist in the future too. So we have the choice which one we can buy 🙂
      Wish you a great week!
      Best regards!


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