Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia – My presentation of the special edition model

Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia is a strictly limited rifle of the Diana 34 EMS series. I will show it to you today and of course I will also shoot the rifle.

I’ve done a review on the classic model of Diana 34 EMS in the past and presented you the special Diana 34 EMS Legion model. Those of you who haven’t read the posts and seen the videos yet are welcome to do so later.

Now have fun with Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia!

Technical specifications of Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia

The model presented today is a spring-piston break-barrel air rifle based on the traditional Diana 34 rifle.

Improvements have been made to the locking mechanism. The locking lever is now divided into two parts. In addition, it has Polymer coated inlays which makes the cocking process much more pleasant than with the old Diana 34.

The cocking itself is really easy to do. A light slap on the 19.4” (49.5 cm) rifled barrel, then the F variant of the air rifle (7.5 joule version) can be comfortably cocked without much effort.

More powerful versions, such as the 22 Joule variant, require a firearm certificate in Germany. You need a little more strength to cock those.

There is a 1/2″ UNF thread on the front of the barrel. It is protected by a screw-on cap. Once the cap has been removed, a silencer can be easily attached.

The barrel alignment can also be changed with the supplied washers.

Lawrence of Arabia uses .177 (4.5mm) pellets. I always recommend round head pellets as they work great at all distances. You can of course also shoot flatheads, however, they will eventually start to spin at a distance of a little more than 10 yards (10 meters).

The rifle has a automatic safety. Meaning that it activates automatically when the air rifle is cocked and has to be manually deactivated with the thumb before each shot.

Meaning of “EMS”

The suffix “EMS” in the name of the rifle stands for “Easy Modular System”. The new Diana 34 is to be seen as a system on which the shooter can make different configurations. For example, the sights can be changed.

A fiber front sight set, and a fiber rear sight set are optionally available. If you prefer to shoot your rifle in a classic way, you can also install my favorite, the Premium Front Sight Tunnel Set.

In addition, the barrel and stock can also be changed on the EMS system. Honestly, though, I would refrain from making any changes to Lawrence of Arabia.

Because precisely this limited version makes the rifle so special.

The trigger of Diana 34 EMS Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia, like virtually all of Diana’s Premium Line air rifles, features the T06 trigger. The first stage travel, trigger pull, and trigger weight are adjustable.

I have dedicated a separate post about this trigger HERE. If you want, you can read it and watch the video.

My conclusion of Lawrence of Arabia

I already knew Diana 34 EMS from my earlier videos. Even then, the 45.2” (115cm) long and 7 lbs. (3200 gram) light rifle absolutely convinced me. That’s why I didn’t expect any special features in terms of technology today, of course.

The scope of delivery of the rifle, on the other hand, was new to me. In addition to the interchangeable rear sight blades, the rifle also comes with a can of pellets and a beautiful Diana case.


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Anyone who wants to purchase one of the coveted special models can do so from my partner www.action-shop24.de.

It’s worth it!

How do you like the sand-colored rifle?

I’m looking forward to your comments!

See you next week!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

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