Scandinavian Airguns Jet Air Chassis 02

Jet Air Chassis from Scandinavian Airguns for FX Dreamline

The Jet Air Chassis fascinated my right away when I first saw it.

When I heard that Gogun was giving me a FX Dreamline to show it to you, I started researching extensively about the air rifle and possible setups. Of course, at some point in my research I also ended up on the Jet Air Chassis manufacturer’s site. The excellent presentation and the beauty of the chassis made me want it badly. For a long time, I couldn’t decide whether I would like to have the black or silver version, but at some point my wife made the decision for me. I think I’ve been bugging her about this for far too long.

Finally, the time has come. I already have a few reviews of FX Dreamline online: In addition to the review and the conversion, I also filmed a video of shooting it at 25 m. But now I want to show you one of the most beautiful ways to shoot your FX Dreamline.

The design of the Jet Air Chassis

Scandinavian Airguns must have excellent designers on its team. The sheer beauty of the chassis is simply outstanding. The designer isn’t trying to make it look overly tactical or martial. Of course, tastes differ. I know that. But I’m sure the designers have created something here that many will like.

Accessories for the Jet Air Chassis

Scandinavian Airguns has launched three useful and nice accessories in addition to the chassis. There is a Picatinny rail that attaches to the milled 11mm prism rail. You can then attach your scope to it using Picatinny mounts.

Then there is the so-called Bag Rider. It’s a piece of bent aluminum that attaches to the buttstock. So, you can easily adjust your gun in height by sliding the Bag Rider forward or backward.

The third accessory Scandinavian Airguns offers is an accessory mount that can be attached to the fore end. Various accessories can be attached to it. Additionally, I think it makes the forend look event better.

The application range

The chassis from Scandinavian Airguns is truly universal. The long, straight, and smooth ARCA Rail under the fore end offers several advantages. You can place the rifle nicely on a rest without anything wobbling or tipping. You can also attach a bipod to this rail which can then be used to stabilize the rifle when shooting. The third increasingly popular option is to mount the rifle on a tripod. In photography, the ARCA Rail is an already popular way to attach accessories to a tripod.

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you’ll see more and more photos of air rifle shooters standing up and shooting their rifle which is mounted on a high-quality, sturdy tripod.

Is the price justified?

High-quality materials and a beautiful design are the reason why the manufacturer sets the price quite high. If you are looking for something extraordinary, timelessly beautiful, and precisely manufactured, you can buy it without hesitation. Of course, for the price you can buy almost a whole air rifle. However, if you’re looking for something really special, you run the risk of falling for the Jet Air Chassis.

Where can I buy the Jet Air Chassis?

You can buy the chassis and the other accessories directly from Gogun. Jörg Sprave’s company is a sponsor and supporter of my work. I’m very happy that he gave me again the opportunity to show you this outstanding piece of equipment.

Now I wish you a lot of fun with my video! I’m looking forward to your feedback! Is the chassis something for you? Or which is your favorite version of FX Dreamline?

Have a nice day!

See you next time!

Best wishes!

Yours, Andi

Interesting links:

HERE you can order the silver chassis. And HERE you will find the black one.

Do you already know my international YouTube channel? HERE you will find videos of more powerful air rifles in English.

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