Diana 54 AirKing Pro

Diana 54 AirKing Pro at the shooting range

In my review of Diana 54 AirKing Pro, I have already given this rifle a lot of praise. I showed you the air rifle in more detail and did a shooting test at 10.9 yards (10 meters). As expected, the result was pretty good. When I achieved the excellent shooting result, it was immediately clear to me that I had to test the rifle at longer distances.
After I adjusted the air rifle to the new conditions like the wind, I was ready. I was excited to see the shot grouping at 27 yards (25 m). The conditions weren’t the best. I don’t just mean the wind, but also the table I use for shooting. The great thing is that it’s light and portable. The downside that comes with it is that it obviously doesn’t provide a 100% stable base for my rifle. Anyway, we don’t have laboratory conditions, but I still tried to make the best of it.

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Diana 54 AirKing Pro Laminated – My test and review

Like its predecessor, AirKing Pro is also equipped with the familiar recoil system. This is the special feature of this air rifle. If you pull the side lever all the way back, the retrograde brake system keeps the lever from snapping back and putting the shooter in danger. When shooting the more powerful version with the stronger spring, it is a great advantage that the detents of the retrograde brake system provide a possibility to pause the cocking process every few inches in order to recharge your batteries or to change hands and grab the lever in a different way.
The new shape of the stock and especially the red and black laminated wood stock are a real eye-catcher. For those who don’t like that, there is also the possibility to buy the air rifle with a classic beech wood stock. It is a bit lighter and also cheaper. However, I really like this fancy color.

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