Huben K1

Huben K1 Tuning – Conversion to its full capacity

Even though the components for modifying Huben K1 are included with the purchase, you are not allowed to modify it on your own. In Germany, only a gunsmith is allowed to do so. At that moment they create an air gun that requires a license. If you don’t have a license, then you are not allowed to own the gun.
I have luckily found a gunsmith who will do rebuilds on rifles for me and is not camera-shy. Michael Rumpel from Opferbaum in Bavaria is the gunsmith I rely on. Besides his craftsmanship, the great thing is that he also has a 100 meter shooting range that I get to use for my videos. That’s great for me, my website and my YouTube channel. I can then immediately test all the modified rifles.

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Huben K1 mit Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56 Aufnahme Seite

Huben K1 air rifle – My test and review

The rifle has a high-quality synthetic stock. The fixed Picatinny rail is, just like its mount, made of metal. I have to admit, the air rifle feels and actually looks much more high-grade than I had previously suspected from the photos I had seen. I was afraid that it would be rather cheap. The workmanship is excellent as well. So far, I haven’t noticed a gap or a sharp edge anywhere.

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