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Interactive electronic target Sport Quantum SQ10 – My Test

Sport Quantum SQ10 is the future in air rifle sports! Today I’m going to show you a target that overshadows everything I’ve seen so far. I’ll show you what you can do with SQ10 and explain a few details. It will be exciting! I promise you!

The scope of delivery of Sport Quantum SQ10

If you order a SQ10, you get everything you need for operation in the scope of delivery. Besides the system itself, an Android tablet and all necessary cables are included. To mount the system on the wall, there are also fitting screws in the box.

In addition, a can of silicone oil is also included. It is recommended to always have a very light film on the screen. Thus, the pellets slide off without any problems and fall into the pellet trap.

Check out how to get a free polycarbonate disc HERE. It’s exclusively for AirGhandi readers and viewers when purchasing a Sport Quantum SQ10!

Personally, I have a width of 1.2 m to place all my targets and shooting equipment as well as my Keilershoot Pro. That’s why the SQ10 has to be movable. For this reason, I used a tripod on which I mounted the system. If I want to shoot on my normal shooting stand or the Keilerhoot Pro, I simply move SQ10 to the side. With a weight of about 12 kg without the tripod, this is still possible. A tripod on wheels that can handle the weight of the equipment would be a perfect solution for me.

Setup and installation

The set-up is quite simple. When you turn on the tablet, the required app is already preinstalled. The tablet then sets up its own WLAN network with SQ10. This is also set up in advance. So you don’t need an internet connection or an existing WLAN network to operate the target. This means you can place the system anywhere you have a power outlet.

In the app’s menu, you can then make a few basic settings. It takes just a few minutes to complete and you’re practically ready to go. Background colors, disc colors and other settings can be customized based on your own taste. You can also decide whether, for example, the last hit is blinking on the target and the tablet. I activated this setting because if you have already shot a few times and “punched” the target, you wouldn’t be able to see the following hits properly otherwise.

The distance from the shooter to the target can range from 6 to 14 m. If you enter your distance in the app, the SQ10 adjusts the size of the target accordingly. Therefore, a distance of 10 m is always simulated.

If you get stuck during setup, you can get the information you need from the comprehensive user manual.

The technology of Sport Quantum SQ10

The system doesn’t use sound to measure the hit, as others do, but measures the pressure waves. The precision achieved is outstanding, it is higher than required for the Olympic shooting disciplines. This means it is more accurate than 1/10 point or 125 microns. Therefore, all Olympic disciplines for air rifles and air pistols can be trained. The hits you score are then displayed in real time on your tablet.

You can shoot at the system with max. 7.5 joules. If you shoot with a higher bullet velocity, the wear of the polycarbonate surface will increase. With a power of 7.5 joules, the target should be replaced approximately every 10,000 shots. If you use lower bullet velocities, the target will last even longer. Replacement discs can be reordered at a cost of approximately 50 euros.

The fired pellets fall into the pellet collector due to the slanted disc. Not a single pellet has bounced back so far. The pellet collector can be conveniently pulled out and emptied after removing the white plastic frame.

Training and competition modes of SQ10

A great feature of the system are the different training, competition, and plinking options.

Once you have chosen whether to shoot with an air pistol or an air rifle, you can choose between the different options. I particularly enjoy the options to shoot just for fun. If you don’t feel like using the competition simulation, you can playfully improve your skills with the offered shooting games. For real 10 m shooters these may be gimmicks, but I’m sure that if especially young shooters compete against each other for fun, the motivation increases a lot.

The training options currently offers eight useful exercises to improve your shooting style. For this I recommend my video that you can find further down in the post. There you can see which possibilities are available.

The competition simulation option lets you practice for the real thing. You can choose different competitions and then compete in them.

Of course, the preinstalled programs aren’t the end of the story. The manufacturer promised to gradually provide more program options via updates. These can then be easily installed on your system.

An iOS version for the tablet software is also planned.

My conclusion about Sport Quantum SQ10

From my point of view, this is the future of air rifle shooting!
Of course, the system is anything but cheap. But what you get for your money is outstanding. The main target group are certainly clubs and shooters who have a few more euros in their pockets and are addicted to the sport. I must confess that I have not fired a single shot at a cardboard target since I got the system. The advantages offered by SQ10 are simply too convenient and outstanding.

Plinking, training or rather shooting in a competition? You can decide!

I’m looking forward to more updates and implemented ideas.

The system gets the rating “outstanding” from me!

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to your opinion.

Check out the video and write me what you think of Sport Quantum SQ10.


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See you next time!
Best wishes!
Yours, Andi

Technical data Sport Quantum SQ10:

  • Dimensions: 52 x 47 x 31.2 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Max. power: 7.5 Joule
  • Power consumption: 50 Watt
  • Max. luminance: 1500 cd/qm

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4 thoughts on “Interactive electronic target Sport Quantum SQ10 – My Test”

  1. Hallo Andi,

    erstmal ein Daumen hoch für Deine tollen Videos, Tutorials und und und.
    Ich habe eine Frage zum Sport Quantum SQ10 ich habe schon alles durchsucht aber nirgends eine Antwort gefunden zum Kaliber auf der man auf die Seibe schießen kann. Ist das Sport Quantum SQ10 nur für 4,5mm Diabolos geeignet? Oder kann man auch mit größeren Kaliber z.b. 30. sprich 7,62mm auf die Scheibe schießen?

    Vielen Dank vorab.
    Gruß Oliver

    1. Hallo guten Morgen Oliver,
      danke dir für deine Nachricht. Ich gehe ganz stark davon aus, dass die SQ10 nur mit Kaliber 4,5mm funktioniert. Die Anlage benötigt zur Messung einen bestimmten Druck der auf die Scheibe wirkt. Ich denke dass die Kugeln der 7,62mm Waffe da zu langsam sind. Außerdem haben die eine weit größere Aufprallfläche als 4,5mm. Ich weiß nicht was die Anlage da messen würde wo sich das Diabolo exakt befindet.
      Du kannst bei Sports Quantum nochmal nachfragen (man hat in Deutschland alle Händler raus geworfen und den Vertrieb selbst übernommen), aber ich bin mir relativ sicher dass das so ist 🙂
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Hi I am a blind shooter and looking for an electronic target system that basically does the same job as the Target scan app on my iphone. My Iphone and Ipad pro both have Apple voice over and my wife photos the target and ensures the shots are in the right place and then using voice over, I can read all the results.
    Clearly if the SQ10 could communicate to my Ipad and it speak everything, then this would answer all my needs. Plus using my existing Ipad, would hopefully reduce the price.
    Please let me know if the above is possible and I look forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hello Dave,
      According to my information, the SQ10 is not yet compatible with Apple. But maybe something can be done.
      I’ll give you Gilles’s contact details here. He is a sales manager and can answer your questions. He speaks German, English and French.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a solution will be found for you.
      Many greetings

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