Weihrauch HW35 and HW35 E – My new review

I did a review of Weihrauch HW35 6 years ago. I have been approached several times just in the last few years to have another look at this rifle. The review is too old and the extent of the test no longer corresponds to today’s extent. There is simply far too much information missing about the air rifle Made in Germany, which has been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

Since it’s one of my absolute favorite models, I was of course happy to review this rifle again and wrote this post and a new video.

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Anschütz 9015 Sniper special edition – My test and review

When I’ve had a hard day at work or just need to unwind, I like to go into my attic, sit down at my shooting table and tune out everything around me. Then I enjoy the relaxing, comfortable, yet extremely engaging, precision shooting. However, I don’t follow any rules or disciplines that are imposed on me by anyone or that are written in any regulations. I shoot the way I enjoy shooting the most.

Because I’m an attic sniper!

I’ve been working with the company Anschütz to figure out how to configure their outstanding competition rifle so that attic snipers can also indulge their passion. We have taken to heart what the recreational shooter particularly needs and appreciates and have not settled for a 99% solution.

The result is Anschütz 9015 Sniper. In this post and video, I introduce you to this outstanding air rifle. I’m of course immensely proud that this special model is available exclusively in my online store.

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BO Hitman Air Pistol Carbine – My test and review

BO Hitman is an air pistol that can be shot as a pistol or with a carbine stock. I have taken a closer look at this interesting model and made this review for you today. This isn’t the first gun I’ve tested from BO Manufacture, though. I have already tested BO Pendleton and BO Quantico.

I’m curious to see how you like today’s test gun and what you think of Hitman.

Especially the plinkers among you should really take a closer look at this pistol. I definitely think it will find a lot of fans in our community.

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Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup – My test and review

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup was first introduced at IWA in 2019. The incredibly compact and high-quality rifle impressed many visitors at the time, and over the years has found many shooters who have purchased the air rifle.

Of course, I read the feedback in the forums and Facebook groups. Now it was time to have a look at Weihrauch HW100 for myself. That’s why I purchased the air rifle and did the review for you today.

Have fun.

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FX Impact M3 – My test and review

I can still clearly remember the year 2015. At that time, the first FX Impact left the factory in Sweden. From day one, I was impressed with the design and engineering of FX Impact. At that time, however, the dream of owning an Impact was infinitely distant. I didn’t have the necessary permissions to purchase one and there was no chance of a 7.5 joule version at all. I longingly watched the videos of famous YouTubers and was envious that the could shoot such extraordinary rifles.

Now two model lines and seven years later, it’s finally here! The 7.5 Joule version of FX Impact M3 is coming to Germany!

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