Air Rifle

Diana Stormrider Hawke Vantage 30 4-16x50 Schalldämpfer

Diana Stormrider – Testing an inexpensive air rifle

Diana really nailed it – 230 euros for a compressed air rifle. Of course, it’s not made in Germany; unfortunately, at this price, it’s not feasible. However, we can see from this example that this doesn’t necessarily always have to be negative. The fact that it occasionally jerks when repeating or that the stock is not made of an exceptional walnut wood can certainly be dismissed. The price is simply far too impressive for that.

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Diana Oktoberfest Luftgewehr mit Rundkugeln Schutzbrille auf Caldwell Cadcu Unterlage

Diana Oktoberfestgewehr – My test and review

There is a lot of discussion and talk about the air rifle on the forums, under my YouTube video, and in the community in general. Before buying, you should be aware of what you get for about 180 Euros. You’ll get an air rifle with more than 100-round capacity, bolt action, designed for distances from 9 to 13 ft (2.8 to 4m).

If you think that you can use the Oktoberfest rifle to replace other multi-shot air rifles that are suitable for long distances, you are wrong. Also, the rifle does not come close to the quality of Diana 30, Anschütz 275 or Haenel bolt action rifles. These were also comparatively more expensive than the Oktoberfest rifle.

If you are aware of this, you get an excellent, absolutely fun rifle for little money that makes it hard to put it back down.

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Diana 280 mit Trefferbild und Bullseye Zielfernrohr

Diana 280 – My review

Diana 280 is an elegant and beautiful air rifle. Even tall shooters can comfortably shoot with it due to its nice size and light weight. A big advantage of the spring-piston air rifle is the trigger. The T06 trigger, to which I have dedicated a separate post here on my website, is excellently adjusted ex-works. The first stage travel, trigger pull, and trigger weight are adjustable. However, I recommend that you don’t adjust too much at once. If you want to adjust it, adjust one screw at a time and test if the adjustment is for the better.

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Diana T05 und T06 Abzug

Diana air rifle trigger T05 and T06 – Differences and similarities

The differences between Diana’s T05 and T06 triggers, and a comparison to Weihrauch’s Rekord match trigger. In this video I explain everything you need to know about the new trigger of the Diana air rifles.

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Diana Oktoberfest Luftgewehr auf der IWA 2018

IWA 2018 – Diana Oktoberfestgewehr

When I came to Diana’s booth, I could immediately tell which air rifle was the focus for 2018. A young pretty lady was handing out gingerbread hearts and you could admire a shooting gallery there like at the fair. The Oktoberfestgewehr is based on the concept of Diana 30. Of course, it’s priced much lower. It is supposed to be affordable for everyone. I’m getting my first impression of the bolt action air rifle here.

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